LipoTherapeia Cellulite Clinic Introduces Celluence® Creams To Relieve Heavy, Tired Legs This Summer

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LipoTherapeia cellulite clinic introduces the Celluence® cellulite creams ( for instant refreshment for tired, heavy legs this summer with an impressive line up of forty natural actives, specific to leg wellness and cellulite.

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Celluence® Phase One | Advanced leg wellness cream

Upon application, the cream leaves a nice, lasting refreshing sensation - a feel that "it's working" - and gets absorbed quickly

LipoTherapeia, the London, UK cellulite clinic, launches the Celluence® cellulite creams for instant refreshment for tired, heavy legs this summer with an impressive line up of forty natural actives, specific to leg wellness and cellulite.

The Celluence® creams are unique in that they contain not one or two but forty natural actives in high concentrations - in contrast to any other cellulite cream. These actives are very well researched for their action on all seven aspects of cellulite: circulation, superficial fat accumulation, skin laxity, fibrosis, glycation, oxidative damage and low grade inflammation.

As most of the factors that cause cellulite also affect the well-being of the thighs and lower legs, application of the creams also provides instant refreshment for legs suffering from water retention, poor circulation, heaviness, tiredness and “restless legs”.

The Celluence® creams contain an impressive collection of all the widely researched natural actives, comprising caffeine, curcumin, forskolin, escin, pine bark extract, vitamin C, gotu kola/centella asiatica, butcher’s broom extract, hesperidin, carnosine, rutin, hydroxyproline and 28 more actives.

The creams are especially useful in the heat of the summer, after a long day standing up or sitting in the office or for long haul flights. The mint, lemon and mandarin essential oils contained in the cream are said to offer a soothing feeling of freshness, lightness and wellness within minutes, as customer testimonies describe:

  • “It makes your legs feel alive and far lighter than they have done all day. While the swelling may not all have gone completely away, any pain that was in the legs has certainly calmed and the legs feel rested and refreshed. The Phase One and Two creams give a wonderfully light, mobile and and energetic feeling to tired legs.”
  • “You feel the cream working immediately as it creates a tingling sensation on your skin and beneath your skin. I feel it penetrating my skin targeting my unwanted fat.”
  • “I decided to invest in both creams (Phase One and Phase Two) and it is the best decision I have made, not only for the toning up of the ripples and dimples but also for the improved circulation and feel of well-being in my legs in general.”
  • “Upon application, the creams leave a nice, lasting refreshing sensation (a feel that "it's working") and get absorbed quickly. After 2-3 months my skin looked better, it was more firm and toned. I think these creams are among the best cellulite creams you can get and good value for money considering the high number of active ingredients they contain. I would definitely recommend them!"

The Celluence® creams were formulated by Georgios Tzenichristos, cellulite expert and director of LipoTherapeia, London’s only aesthetic practice dedicated to cellulite and skin tightening. “Formulating the Celluence® creams was an enormous project, as we set to the task of poring over 400 different actives that could be used for cellulite and overall leg wellness. Out of those 400 actives we shortlisted 160 of them to test in the lab, arriving at the eclectic mix of 40 natural actives that are used in our creams”.

Georgios goes on to add that: “We do not claim to eliminate cellulite or to “cure” anything, including leg heaviness, but we are proud to offer the most comprehensive and concentrated anti-cellulite / leg creams on the market today. There are literally hundreds of studies on those actives - and the results of using the creams speak for themselves, both in terms of cellulite and leg wellness: we have great customer satisfaction, a high repeat order rate, almost zero return rate for our creams, and plenty of positive testimonies.”

The Celluence® creams are used twice a day, morning and night. They are fully absorbed within five minutes and they offer an invigorating feeling of freshness and "feel good" factor upon application. Repeated application over a period of 1-3 months will offer the best results for cellulite, in combination, of course, with a healthy diet and exercise regime.

As the Celluence® creams are very concentrated—comprising a long, expensive list of actives—they are only offered direct from LipoTherapeia, so customers pay for natural actives instead of retail markups and distribution costs. The creams cost GBP95 each or GBP135 for both (currently USD138 and USD196, respectively), and they can be ordered with tracked worldwide delivery at (free delivery to the US, Canada and Australia).

For more information on the Celluence® creams, and for journalist enquiries, please visit, call LipoTherapeia on +44 20 7118 2014 or email them at

Disclaimer: This information and the Celluence® creams is not intended to replace, or be used as, medical advice or treatment for any condition. Results vary from person to person.

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