Lexikeet Learning Tackles Language Learning Woes with New Products

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New cloud-based language learning software provides an effective solution to second-language attrition through customization and convenience.

Lexikeet Language Learning Products

Learn a new language for life with Lexikeet!

Whether you want to supplement what you're learning in a classroom or you plan on studying entirely from the comfort of your home or office, Lexikeet really is one of the most effective ways to learn a new language.

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Lexikeet Learning, LLC, a provider of technology-driven educational products, today announced the release of three new language learning products – Lexikeet Chinese, Lexikeet Japanese, and Lexikeet Spanish – as a solution to the growing problem of second-language attrition.

Attrition occurs when a learner uses their new language insufficiently after the initial instruction is over and they forget the skills that they've learned. When this happens, many learners choose to simply give up altogether. Recent academic studies confirm that time itself is not the cause, but rather a lack of personal motivation and inadequate language proficiency prior to the attrition (non-use) period.

Lexikeet solves these problems through the use of their proprietary technology-based learning system that unites the spaced rehearsal techniques of the classroom environment with practical immersion elements that are necessary to become fluent in a new language and resistant to unwanted language deterioration in the future.

"There's something inherently fun and mentally stimulating about learning a new language, but too often that excitement is lost in the frustration of inadequate instruction or hindered by software limitations," said Rodney Standage, Lexikeet Learning's Managing Partner. "Lexikeet language learning products are set to reinvigorate a market that is surprisingly behind the times in implementing the proven teaching methods that lead to success."

Lexikeet language learning products were developed over the course of 2 years by a team of language teachers and native speakers, including Lexikeet's chief Chinese expert Celine Tan Robertson, recipient of the 1998 Walt Disney American Teacher Award for Foreign Language. Lessons and activities for each language comprise the 4 core concepts of fluency – reading, writing, listening, and speaking – as well as grammar principles, handwriting, and sentence structure. Each product contains thousands of vocabulary words and immersive sentences, with new content added regularly to promote continued learning. As such, fluency is attainable when a minimum of 15 minutes a day is spent using Lexikeet.

"Whether you want to supplement what you're learning in a classroom or you plan on studying entirely from the comfort of your home or office, Lexikeet really is one of the most effective ways to learn a new language," said Tan Robertson.

Lexikeet's unique approach to customization is a refreshing development in the educational software market, with real-time adjustments made to study content and teaching methods based upon each individual's learning goals, study habits, hobbies and interests, and algorithmically identified strengths and weaknesses.

Lexikeet products utilize a cloud-based platform that allows users convenient access from any location with an Internet-enabled computer or mobile device, including Apple iOS, and learning progress is automatically synced to support usage across multiple devices.

Each of Lexikeet's language learning products is intended for use by individuals, schools, businesses, churches, and other organizations. Custom-built curriculums can be provided upon special request.

Subscription pricing for Lexikeet language learning products starts at $19.99 per month, but Lexikeet currently offers an introductory sale price of only $9.99 per month through April 30, 2014. Free interactive demos of Lexikeet Chinese, Lexikeet Japanese, and Lexikeet Spanish are also available at http://www.lexikeet.com.

About Lexikeet Learning, LLC

Lexikeet Learning, LLC is at the forefront of educational software technology. The company is currently based in Niskayuna, NY with a global network of employees and language experts.

For more information, visit http://www.lexikeet.com.

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