Encouraged Readers to Consider Life Insurance an Investment in the Future

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Jonas Insurance Advisors strongly encouraged their readers to consider life insurance more than a simple insurance policy, but an investment in their futures and the future of their families in the wake of an August 30th Life Health Pro article titled “14 Reasons Why Life Insurance Is the Best.”

Following the publication of the Life Health Pro article titled “14 Reasons Why Life Insurance Is the Best” on August 30th, urged their readers to seek out life insurance as a means of investing in the futures of their families and themselves, rather than a necessary evil or simple insurance policy. Life insurance is not merely a cautionary measure, but a step toward improving the quality of life and providing peace of mind in the event of the loss of the home’s primary or secondary income generator.

The aforementioned list compiled by Corey Dahl, Brian Anderson and Brian Gilbert- Life Health Pro’s trio of insurance contributors- offers 14 reasons supporting the purchase of life insurance. Over 75 million Americans count on life insurance to protect their families. The life insurance industry pays out approximately 1.5 billion dollars per year, constituting approximately 20 percent of American’s overall savings. The life insurance industry takes in over 19 trillion dollars every day, paying out 75 million of that total being paid out to insurance holders. The average life insurance policy in the United States is around $160,000, providing significant funds for those who have lost the breadwinner of the family. The life insurance industry alone supplies jobs to over 2.5 million Americans, rendering the insurance industry one of the largest in the country, as well as being one of the largest sources of capital in the U.S. Life insurance policy holders typically consider themselves to lead happier, more stable lives than those without insurance, and 90 percent of policy holders considered themselves to be good providers through securing an insurance policy.

In the wake of the Life Health Pro article identifying 14 positive aspects of life insurance, Jonas Insurance Advisors encouraged readers to regard life insurance as more than a simple insurance policy, but instead as an investment in their own future as well as the futures of their families. Though many may be wary of considering life insurance as an investment, consider the statistics listed in the article above. The vast nature of the insurance industry makes a market crash (or inability to pay out on a claim) highly unlikely. Jonas Insurance Advisors believes that this renders a life insurance policy one of the safer of investments on can decide to make. Not all life insurance policies are created equal, however. Term life is typically sought after for its lower premiums, while whole life is sought after for its ability to accrue a cash value and its long-term nature. Life insurance policies without medical exams required, offer an insurance source for those who may have been deemed uninsurable (such as those with prior medical conditions). More information on the subject can be found here. Life insurance offers many options for many different situations, and is a means of investing in the future through its ability to provide for the families of the insured.

Corey Dahl, Brian Anderson, and Brian Gilbert are a writing trio contracted with Life Health Pro. Though Dahl and Anderson are seasoned writers of Life Health Pro, Gilbert is the newest addition to the team. All three offer insights into the insurance industry, providing news and analyses of insurance and insurance trends.

Jonas Insurance Advisors encouraged readers to consider life insurance as an investment in the future, as opposed to a simple insurance policy, or a necessary evil. Life insurance provides for the family and loved ones of the policy holder, ensuring the future monetary safety and freedom of the family of the primary (or secondary) income generator. This encouragement came on the heels of a Life Health Pro listing the advantages of purchasing life insurance. One of the listed pros was the vastness of the insurance industry and the likelihood that insurance policies will not fail due to loss of funds or industry collapse.

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