How Much Does Smoking Affect People’s Life Insurance Premium Rates?

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Online Insurance Marketplace ( announces new blog “Does smoking tobacco affects the insurance premium rates?”

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Online Insurance Marketplace has released a blog explaining how much does smoking affects people’s life insurance premium rates.

Smokers are regularly turned down by insurance companies. The reason for the refusal is plain and simple: smoking is considered a major cause for lung cancer, heart diseases and other medical problems.

Maybe not now, but in time, if one continues with this habit, he or she will notice some damage. And companies do not like clients that present a high probability of developing fatal diseases. They consider this a bad investment, because the client will not pay enough premiums in order to cover a part of the policy cost. If they were to accept every smoker, they will soon become bankrupt.

Looking for life insurance over 50 available for smokers involves lots of time lost. There are not so many companies that accept smokers and even less that accept senior smokers.

The only problem is the value of premiums. Due to the fact that one’s life expectancy is shorter than those that do not smoke, one will be charged extra by the insurer. It depends on the insurer because clients can pay starting from 20-30% more up to paying twice as much as a non-smoking person.

“Smoking is not only bad for your health but it also affects your premium rates, therefore, if you want cheaper premiums you should quit smoking in due time!” said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company.

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