The Liquid Leadership Series: A System for Refreshing Your Organization

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DKPMG, a unit of TheDkpCorp, Inc., is excited to announce a collaboration with Brad Szollose of Liquid Leadership. This joint venture between DKPMG and Mr. Szollose will be developing a series of short and long-form videos, audio recordings, white papers, workshop programs and related information media for senior executives.

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I am always excited to enter DKP’s viewing booth…seamless, well thought out, and edited beautifully.

DKPMG (a unit of TheDkpCorp, Inc.) is excited to announce that it has teamed up with Brad Szollose of Liquid Leadership to develop a multimedia series as part of a growing library. The tools and content in this new library will consist of short and long-form videos, audio recordings, white papers, interactive workshop programs and related information materials for senior executives.

The originally produced materials for the 2014 series are designed to help open up lines of communication, and much more. Organizations will ultimately gain opportunities to deliver above average growth by moving with shifts in the marketplace, instead of missing them.

Qualified experts with complimentary expertise may also be brought into the series over the coming months via interviews, workshops and guest-appearances.

The series of videos is really only the beginning though. Liquid Leadership started in 2007 with the bestselling business book by Mr. Szollose. It has evolved from a book into one-on-one coaching sessions with C-Suite managers, consulting sessions, and regular business workshops.

There are new resources and tools coming online as well. Future programs are tailored to helping the hospitality, healthcare, and financial services sectors in particular.

The first video in the series, Workplace Challenges, touches on generational gaps and breakdowns in communication due to different ways of thinking. More importantly, what to do about these cumbersome divides, how to cope with different workforce attitudes, learned behavior patterns, and how to instill a culture that drives innovation, regardless.

Testimonials about the Liquid Leadership system are also included in the middle and the end of the video, for those wanting to understand the impact Mr. Szollose's efforts are having on current participants. To view the video summary go to:

As Brad Szollose (pronounced Zaullis) puts it, "one of the biggest issues going on today inside organization is that stagnation is sometimes endorsed more than courageous leadership. Thus, companies often get quickly blind sided by changes in the marketplace, culture, workplace habits and consumer preferences. This happens because senior managers choose not to listen to front- line people until it is often too late."

The good news is: "We are here to help organizations remain innovative and pragmatic at the same time," states Mr. Szollose. "Dennis and his DKPMG team have been helping capture the essence of our work, and make it accessible to naysayers and dynamic leaders."

What DKPMG has worked on for the last 9 months, in collaboration with Mr. Szollose, is to record and show the special nature of Liquid Leadership keynotes, coaching events and workshops via video and digital-audio media.

Over the last 2 years, Liquid Leadership events have occurred at; Yale, Reuters, MasterCard World Headquarters, The New York Business Expo, at various Healthcare offices - as well as a handful of Long Island business schools. Now, organizations and future attendees of workshops can get a taste of the valuable work being done.

Mr. Szollose also goes on to point out, "The work that we do at Liquid Leadership centers around keynotes, workshops and ideation sessions, as well as getting organizations to adjust to a gamified world. It's innovative yet counter-intuitive."

"So, video becomes paramount to comprehension and sales. A sales driven video has to have the same quality as our full 2-hour workshops, which include customer statistics interwoven with content and audience interaction."

"I am always excited to enter DKP's studio. The work is seamless, well thought out, and edited beautifully. Dennis and his team at DKP Media really understand our process and capture more than just high quality video; they know how to tell our story."

For more details call: 212-595-3473 or write to dennisp(at)dkpmg(dot)com.


Brad Szollose's Liquid Leadership is a comprehensive system of award-winning, proven management strategies that empower today's 21st Century Workforce. The work emphasizes a fluid style of leadership that continuously sustains the flow of ideas in an organization in order to create opportunities in an ever-shifting marketplace. Outlined in his book by the same name, Brad Szollose discusses his flexible management model that attracted brilliant young employees to the company he co-founded, K2 Design Inc. Looking ahead and integrating a diverse set of people into creative, cooperative, productive teams; Liquid Leadership is a 21st Century roadmap to help businesses manage a multigenerational workforce in an environment of rapid technological and economic change.


DKPMG is in the business of creating and maintaining entertainment-oriented franchises that connect and bond with audiences across multiple platforms. One of the aspects making the company unique is the way it tracks and manages a broader yet deeper range of complexities in and around brands. Formed in 2003, DKPMG came into being because Dennis Phipps, having worked with conglomerates like Sefar, NBC, Dick Clark and JHP, Inc., foresaw an underlying market need for an upgraded kind of media business. A service organization able to cope with the difficult friction between entertainment content, media technology and mobile communications, all colliding into one another in a multi-cultural world. Today, DKPMG helps clients navigate through the massive explosion of content and distribution options, the conversion from analog technology into digital platforms, and many more challenges yet to arrive.

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