Local Reading PA Fleet, Alarm Tech Systems, Leading the Way and Adopts Extreme Energy Solutions’ SMART Emissions Reducer

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Alarm Tech Systems, a local fire safety equipment and security provider, partners with Extreme Energy Solutions to adopt the SMART Emissions Reducer Emissions Reduction Technology, retrofitted on ATS fleet vehicles in hopes to reduce environmental foot print while saving money on fuel cost.

ATS Adopts The Smart Emissions Reducer

On Monday, May 20, 2019, Extreme Energy Solutions Technicians arrived at the Alarm Tech Systems Headquarters, in Reading, Pennsylvania, where they installed SMART Emissions Reducer devices on Alarm Tech Systems service fleet vehicles, as ATS adopted a plan to have a number of their vehicles retrofitted with the innovation from Extreme Energy Solutions.

Each vehicle was given a thorough diagnostic review and a pre-device retrofit emissions test, so that results of the SMART Emissions Reducer can be monitored at 30, 60, and 90 day benchmarks.

Before SMART Emissions Reducers are installed, technicians qualify each vehicle as a rightful candidate, making sure there are no check engine lights, vehicle faults, or pre-existing conditions that would affect the SMART Emissions Reducer’s performance. Next, a sampling of each vehicle’s emissions output is recorded using a mobile five gas analyzer. After each vehicle’s emissions output is recorded, vehicles are ready for SMART Emissions Reducer installation.

The Alarm Tech Systems Fleet, made up of a cross section of Ford Vans and Pick-up trucks, Dodge/RAM, Chevrolet/GM Vans, and Nissan Utility Vehicles, were powered by gasoline engines, which required the use of SMART Emissions Reducer R200 Units. Each actual SMART Emissions Reducer install-vehicle retrofit took under 30 minutes to perform, allowing for fleet vehicles to be quickly rotated back into service.

“We want to thank Missy and Rich Fix and the Alarm Tech System Team for their cooperation and for accommodating our Tech Team so that vehicles could be made available in a timely manner. We also thank ATS for their consideration and adoption of the SMART Emissions Reducer Technology for their fleet,” commented Samuel K. Burlum, CEO and President of Extreme Energy Solutions, Inc.

“We are looking forward to the results SMART Emissions Reducer can provide for our fleet,” added Rich Fix, Proprietor of Alarm Tech Systems, “a few of our guys have already reported a difference; they say that the trucks have more power.”

The SMART Emissions Reducer’s return on investment will vary depending on a vehicle’s mileage driven per year, user habit, vehicle usage, and driving conditions; however SMART Emissions Reducer has been able to prove a range of emissions reduction figures and fuel efficiency gains in the lab and in real world real time usage.

The SMART Emissions Reducer is a proven automotive clean tech/green tech innovation designed to lessen harmful toxic engine vehicle emissions for both gas and diesel powered engines. SMART Emissions Reducer was lab tested by Roush Industries, Keshi Group, and Free-Col Laboratories.

The SMART Emissions Reducer is also permissible for use by New York City Taxi and Limo Commission, for vehicles that fall under their rulemaking. The SER (as it is also known) has been recognized and proven itself in the field through a number of trial-pilot programs, where the device’s form and functionality was put to the test in real world conditions under hoods of fleet vehicles including taxi cabs, transit buses, delivery vehicles, trucking, and with municipal owned police-law enforcement vehicles, DPW vehicles, and school buses.

Though the SMART Emissions Reducer’s main function is to reduce harmful toxic engine emissions, it is one of the few emissions reduction technologies which also provide a fuel efficiency benefit.

So far the SMART Emissions Reducer device has proven to have a ten year life span, and is cost effective since the device provides a return on investment, through incremental fuel savings, as SMART Emissions Reducer’s side benefit is that it helps an engine operate more efficiently and promotes a better burn of fuel, thus an engine needs less fuel to do the same job.

By capturing emissions gasses, which are usually just wasted, SMART Emissions Reducer takes emissions gases captured from the PVC system, breaks down the emissions into a more burnable state, and re-injects the by-product back into the air-fuel stream of the engine. Once the newly broken down by-product is introduced back into air fuel stream, it acts as a combustion accelerant, thus assisting the burn of liquid fuel to be more effective and efficient.

“In the event a fleet owner wants to retire a vehicle retrofitted with SMART Emissions Reducer, the fleet owner can have the device removed and the vehicle returned to stock condition, or they can opt to sell the vehicle with the device ready installed,” added Burlum

Average cost for a SMART Emissions Reducer can range from $429 including installation, vehicle verification/diagnostics and emissions testing, for SMART Emissions Reducer for gasoline powered engine to $1500 installed on heavy duty diesel engines found in big rig trucks or buses.

Extreme Energy Solutions offers a discount for large vehicle fleets depending on the number of vehicles in the fleet’s inventory and volume of SMART Emissions Reducers a fleet seeks to purchase.

Extreme Energy Solutions and its SMART Emissions Reducer Technology is an official partner of Daytona International Speedway and the Daytona 500, Extreme is also a proud supporter of Project Help, non-profit organization that assist Veterans and their families in need.

Alarm Tech Systems, Extreme Energy Solutions and SMART Emissions Reducer are proud marketing partners of NASCAR Xfinity Driver David Starr and the #52 Chevrolet Camaro.

For more information you can visit: http://www.ExtremeEnergySolutions.net or call toll free to 1-800-EES-TEAM (1-800-337-8326) or locally 973-726-4165 for your free vehicle quote/fleet analysis.

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