Long Island Marketing Firm, Upside Business Consultants, Reveals Why Interruptive Marketing & Sales Gimmicks On Facebook Fan Pages Are Not Effective Strategies

Social media strategists at Upside Business Consultants share key reasons why interruptive sales and advertising tactics used on Facebook Pages are not effective compared to ‘relationship building’ content marketing strategies.

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Upside Business Consultants

Build relationships before you build sales. It’s important to first give before you ask for something. Demonstrate to your Facebook community that your Page is not just another direct sales channel.

Hauppauge, NY (PRWEB) April 24, 2014

Especially in the social media space, interruptive marketing and overly aggressive sales tactics used by Facebook Fan Pages can be major turn offs to users, says Upside Business Consultants, a leading Long Island marketing firm.

Fewer than ever Facebook Fan Page posts are reaching people’s newsfeeds, following changes in Facebook’s algorithm. As a result, many business owners are increasing their investment in Facebook advertising to increase reach and visibility to their target audience. While advertising on Facebook can help overall performance, Upside suggests that business owners do not rely on interruptive marketing as their social strategy.

By relying too heavily on advertising that essentially disrupts a newsfeed’s natural flow of posts from friends, family and associates, many brands have not been well received, even garnering negative comments. Advertising can be costly to brands whose net result is to turn their audience off to them instead of increasing their level of interest. “Ask yourself if the reason people go onto Facebook is to be inundated with sales gimmicks, aggressive promotions and advertisements. Or, are they looking for something else?” commented Owner and President Doug Betensky.

Upside explains that content marketing whose intent is to provide value to your community is more engaging, will earn more trust and is more “sticky.” Facebook posts, photos, videos, blog posts, web content, articles, ebooks, infographics, whitepapers and other forms of helpful content that's strictly geared to your target audience is recommended. “Advertising, sales tactics and promotions can be a part of your content strategy, but they should be only one aspect of your Facebook marketing plan,” says Mr. Betensky.

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make on Facebook is starting a new page and immediately making 80% or more of their posts advertisements or promotions. Long Island Social Media Marketers advise that business owners first focus on ‘building relationships before building sales.’

“It’s important to first give before you ask for something. Demonstrate to your community that your Page is not just another direct sales channel. Make sure you have evergreen (unique, original content) content on your page and help them solve a problem or challenge first,” adds Mr. Betensky. Diversifying your social media content and restricting promotional page posts to 15% of your overall posts are good guidelines to follow.

The Long Island marketing firm says that if you are going to push a sales promotion or do advertising, make sure your message is clear, action oriented and compelling."

In a recent published article, Doug Betensky reveals several more do's and don'ts of content marketing that every small business owner should know. He also recommends the type of content marketing every small business should produce as an alternative to using interruptive tactics.

The article can be viewed on Upside Business Consultants’ website at: http://upsidebusiness.com/blog/2014/03/10/why-interruptive-marketing-doesnt-work-content-marketing-does.

For more information, visit: upsidebusiness(dot)com or call: (516) 610-0922.

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