Fall Roof Power-Washing Tips From JM Pressure Washing That Can Prevent Unnecessary Damage

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Weatherizing Your Roof by Power-Washing

As unwelcome as the cold weather is to the majority of men, women, and children, the approach of the fall season can be an even more unwelcoming time for homeowners. With what seems to be a never-ending list of preparations and inspections, one of the most commonly overlooked items is that of roof and gutter cleaning. Because we don’t usually see what is going on up on top of the house, all too often, homeowners forget how very important it is to care for this part of the house. In fact, although JM Power Washing suggests all homeowners have his/her roofs power washed and gutters cleaned on a semi-annual basis, they deem fall to be the most critical time to have these services performed, before Father Winter causes costly, irreversible damage to the home.

The Importance of Power Washing Your Roof:

Why do I need to have my roof power-washed?

Two words will easily answer this question – MOLD and ALGAE. Even though your roof appears to get direct sunlight, the north side of the home lacks the amount light and heat needed to prevent mold and algae growth. All year round the roof endures rain, humidity, dew, snow, and other forms of moisture, thus promoting mold and algae growth (especially for the north side). However, because the sun provides far less warmth and light in the fall and winter, the roof becomes the perfect host for this green vegetation to grow. The only way to solve this problem is by having your roof power-washed.

What could happen if I don’t take care of mold and algae growth?

On a visual level, mold and algae are hideous eye-sores without a doubt. However, these green pesks can cause more damage that one would think because pre-existing mold or algae becomes an even greater host for more to grow. It will begin to grow and spread at a much faster rate than its initial infestation. Mold and algae retain moisture, even during the warm months, which means your roof will always be damp.

If the problem is not taken care of, a wet roof can lead to severe problems and damage, which will be very costly to repair.
Rot – due to the area being wet all of the time
Loose/lifted shingles - due to mold or algae growing underneath and between them
Lifted/broken shingles – as a result of water getting underneath and even worse, freezing and expanding, during the winter
Leaks – which can not only cause a problem with your roof, but the electric and other systems
Structural Weakening – moisture, rot, and leaks can cause your roof to weaken and even cave in. Even worse, leaks that are not seen or taken care of, can also jeopardize the integrity of a home’s (or structures) bones, making it unsafe.

Get the Job Done Right - Hire a Professional.

JM Power Washing highly recommends having your roof cleaned on a semi-annual basis, but suggests that fall is the most important of times to have it cleaned; this way pre-existing mold/algae is removed before the cooler weather allows for it to grow out of control and before temperature drops to the freezing point. JM Power Washing’s team of specialists also stresses the importance of having a professional perform the service because DIY’ers can actually cause more damage if he/she doesn’t know how to power wash properly. This is because individuals have the tendency to use pressure streams that are too powerful for roof shingles. In other instances, individuals leave the pressure on an area too long, in attempt to get rid of extra-dense build-up. This can cause shingles to break or tear, and in some cases, can create/cause leaks. A professional can evaluate the condition of your roof, knows what pressure and angles to use, and has the proper chemicals needed to break up the tough areas.

No matter how you look at it, failure to take care of your roof, even if it is just a little mold or algae, can lead to extremely costly repairs or even safety problems. Just remember, though it may be a nuisance and an additional cost you may not need or want, the price you could pay if you do not maintain your roof and have it power washed, could be significantly greater. So while you are closing up your pools, winterizing your sprinkler systems, weatherizing your windows/doors, think about the part of your home that endures the most severe beatings, all year round.

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