Releases New Guide: “Solving The Data-Wipe Dilemma”

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When considering the right time to remotely wipe data from a missing mobile device, one would agree that just before it gets returned is too early and just after the data has been compromised is too late. The following guide from helps solve the data-wipe dilemma.

'Now, with Okoban and lost mobile devices and other valuables can find their owner,' says Gordon Burns, CEO of My Stuff Lost and Found. 'Often, the lost valuable finds the owner before the owner realizes the item is lost.'

About 30 million mobile phones go missing in the US every year, according to insurance provider Asurion. More than 12,000 computer laptops are left in US airports every week. Heathrow airport alone has about five laptops and ten mobile phones turned in everyday. The devices themselves are often less valuable than the data held on the device. Technology has developed many ways to deal with lost mobile devices including electronic tracking and remote data wiping capabilities. As is often the case, the solutions present their own set of problems. A major dilemma that has evolved is the uncertainty of deciding exactly how quickly a device should be wiped when its whereabouts are in question?

Deleting all the data held on a mobile device can present a costly and time consuming loss. The nagging possibility exists that moments after the data has been deleted, notice will come that the device has been found and is in transit back to the owner. For employees that are unclear of the whereabouts of a device, the prospect of notifying their boss that a loss has occurred and the data should be deleted is a frightening and potentially consequential decision. For these reasons and more, the decision to wipe a device is often postponed beyond the first few critical hours to the point where the data is in real danger of being breached and compromised.

How long should a company or individual wait before wiping a device? Immediately, one day, two days, a week? The key is that it should happen as soon as, but no sooner than the point when there is a high degree of confidence that the device will not be recovered. Any tool that quickly identifies that point is a valuable asset. Fortunately there is such a tool: Okoban® tracker tags from Now the owner can know if the item is stolen or recoverable in a very short time frame, in those critical hours of frantic searching when the device and valuable data is discovered missing.

Okoban tracker tags from solve the problem by connecting finders with owners quickly, securely and privately, anywhere in the world. Finders simply enter the tracker tag’s Unique Identification (UID) code and the recovery location on the Okoban website. The system then immediately notifies the owner, anywhere in the world, with a secure email and text message of the found valuable and its recovery location. There is no cost to the finder and there are no annual fees. They supplement “find my mobile device” applications because they work with the device turned off or the battery gone.

“Lost” mobile devices almost always get found by someone within a short period of time. The majority of finders will quickly do the right thing if they have an easy way to contact the owner. The more difficult it is to identify and contact the owner the longer the process. In many cases the item never gets returned simply because finding the owner is just too difficult and time consuming for the finder.

What is this worth to have peace of mind and to avoid needless loss of data by knowing if a lost item is found and recoverable in the first few critical hours of the loss? For less than $5 per device, Okoban tracker tags can protect phones, laptops, tablets, passports, luggage, purses, wallets, cameras, keys, credit cards, pets and other valuables.

"Now, with Okoban and lost mobile devices and other valuables can find their owner," says Gordon Burns, CEO of My Stuff Lost and Found. "Often, the lost valuable finds the owner before the owner realizes the item is lost."

My Stuff Lost and Found provides convenient worldwide online sales and service of Okoban’s sturdy tracker tags. is the online gateway to Okoban's tracking service for valuables and free global lost and found service for life. Purchase Okoban online at

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