HRT Treatments Announces New Professional, Accurate Home Hormone Testing Kits for Men, Combining Professional Hormone Testing with the Comfort of Each Client’s Home

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HRT Treatments has made home hormone testing kits available to men around the country, eliminating costly and time consuming visits to a local doctor’s office. These testing kits allow men to test various hormonal levels in the body, and include consultation with a licensed doctor for treatment options, all from the privacy of the client’s home.

Call HRT Treatments today at 888-366-1063 for complete hormone testing from the comfort of your own home.

Most men’s testosterone levels will peak in their twenties, and begin gradual decline at a rate of one to two percent every year thereafter.

The link between a man’s hormones and his health and well-being has been well established. As a man ages, hormonal imbalance can be attributed to such symptoms as lower bone density, decreased muscle mass, and even diseases like Parkinson’s and cardiovascular disease. Whether caused by normal aging, thyroid disorder, or other glandular failures, the fact remains that it is important to consistently and accurately monitor hormone levels, as symptoms may not completely manifest until becoming very severe and disruptive to normal life.

Most men’s testosterone levels will peak in their twenties, and begin gradual decline at a rate of one to two percent every year thereafter. This continual decline culminates in what is referred to in the medical community as andropause, the male version of menopause. Some men actually have a lower than normal levels without any noticeable signs or symptoms. For others, low testosterone may cause a range of symptoms with varying implications like:

  •     Changes in sleep patterns, insomnia, or increased sleepiness
  •     Physical changes, including increased body fat, reduced muscle bulk, strength and endurance, and decreased bone density
  •     Loss of body hair
  •     Emotional changes like a decrease in motivation or self-confidence, sadness, depression, and/or trouble concentrating or remembering things

It is important to note that some of these signs and symptoms are a normal part of aging. Others can be caused by various underlying factors, including side effects from medication, thyroid problems, depression, or excessive alcohol use. Testing is the only way to diagnose a low testosterone level or a reduction in the bioavailability of the hormone in the body.

Fortunately for men across the country, HRT Treatments has released home hormone testing kits, available from ZRT Laboratories, combining thorough and trusted laboratory testing with the ease and comfort of a home administered test kit. Each test kit is sent directly to the patient’s home, where he can collect samples easily and securely, seal the samples in a preaddressed envelope to the laboratory for analysis, and receive reliable and accurate results in approximately five to ten days. HRT Treatments has nearly a decade of experience in health and nutrition, and ZRT Laboratories; Founded in 1998 by biochemist and breast cancer researcher, David T. Zava Ph.D., uses cutting edge technology to deliver convenient, minimally invasive saliva testing and blood spot testing services. Additionally, HRT Treatments’ comprehensive test report provides information to help monitor hormone usage, and clinical resources to help restore hormonal balance.

Interested clients can purchase this simple testosterone testing kit on HRT Treatments’ secure website, without prescription, collect samples at home, send their kit to laboratory, and receive personalized treatment from a board certified doctor. During this consultation, done easily over the telephone, a doctor will completely review and discuss test results, and give the client an opportunity to receive a prescription for purchase of treatment options, including but not limited to testosterone replacement therapy and many other bioidentical hormone replacement options.

Because HRT Treatments uses only the highest quality bioidentical hormone replacement, clients do not have to worry about the severe side effects, rejection of treatment, or other costly and common symptoms associated with cheap synthetic hormone replacements. Clients can feel safe and secure in the knowledge that they are not putting anything harmful or synthetic in their bodies. Bioidentical testosterone is safe and has no serious reports of side effects, offering a molecular match to the hormones that are naturally produced in the human body.

HRT Treatments has treated over 10,000 patients across the country, with programs ranging from medically supervised weight loss plans, to prescription diet aids, and now home hormone test kits and replacement therapy. Clients can feel comforted by the vast experience of a well-established company. The HRT Treatments customized male hormone therapy programs feature:

  •     A highly trained staff of doctors and nurses who specialize in natural bioidentical hormone replacement for men of all ages
  •     Comprehensive testing, done easily from home
  •     Thorough laboratory analysis of results by ZRT Labs, reviewed by a licensed doctor
  •     Personalized male therapy program - pairing solutions with symptoms
  •     Quality compounded bioidentical hormones and pharmacy-grade supplements
  •     Nutritional guidance and support
  •     Customized men's health and fitness programs

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