SuperiorMagnetics Has a Magnet Bracelet for Pain Relief in Seconds

​Superior Magnetics released a new magnetic bracelet made to relieve pain in seconds for arthritis and tendonitis in the wrist, hand and fingers.

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Magnetic Bracelet for Arthritis
New ultra strong magnetic bracelet designed to relieve pain in seconds.

Chicago, Illinois (PRWEB) May 27, 2014

Pain Free Living web: ​, a leader in using magnetic bracelets for pain relief has released a new ultra strong magnetic bracelet designed to relieve pain in seconds. Customers report significant pain relief during the demonstration using this new magnetic bracelet. Superior Magnetic Bracelets are the strongest and fastest acting magnetic therapy bracelet for pain relief.

​“We have 12 years experience providing pain relief using magnetic bracelets,” explained Shu Arvilla of, “We designed this magnetic bracelet with N52 - 5200 Gauss rare earth magnets to provide pain relief within the time it takes to explain how it works. For those unable to attend our magnetic bracelets are available online.”

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What are the magnetic bracelet benefits?

According to William Philpott M.D. in his book, Magnet Therapy: An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide, the North Pole magnetic field has the following effect on living metabolic systems:

1. It normalizes acid and alkaline balance, sore or stiff muscles, chemical hypersensitivity and many disease states are highly acidic.

2. It provides oxygen to the cells.

3. It relieves, stops pain and other symptoms, as pain is usually a symptom of an imbalance in pH and/or inflammation of the area.

A magnetic bracelet is a therapeutic piece of jewelry, worn for the benefits the magnetic field can offer. Magnetic bracelets are being used successfully by many people for pain relief of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, tendinitis and bursitis.

About Superior Magnetics

Superior Magnetics is a leading developer of pain relief products with 12 years experience using magnetic bracelets for pain relief at fairs and festivals. For those unable to visit a show the magnetic bracelets are available online at This is the strongest and fastest acting magnetic bracelet for relieving pain.

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