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The cosmos we perceive as infinite and immense might in reality be an infinitesimal and fully compacted globule. When viewed by the scientific observations and rationalities, the “magnification” comes to be an in-built aspect of the physical nature: Let’s discuss this and the all-encompassing nature of space-time on the blog- Magnifieduniverse.

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The Universe and Us

The apparent universe, and the quantum one, the mathematical reality and the perceptive one, are all the same order seen in different ways.

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Magnified universe: Perception and Rationality is an extended title of a new blog—Magnifieduniverse—launched by Neeti Sinha. This blog is associated with the initiative taken by Neeti to comprehend an all-encompassing nature of space-time continuum, where the behaviors of quantum world, the display and magnitude of cosmic landscape and “our presence,” i.e. the perceptivity, agreeably join in to proffer an overarching picture. The objective is to not only work out the fine details of the ultimate reality by the rationalities of physical sciences, but also to discuss, disseminate, and further them through written and verbal communications.

“Modern scientific views give out a portrait of reality in enormous details, and with precise renderings, but yet every major theory or picture we come upon also brings us perplexity and assimilatory hurdle in contriving a whole-hog scheme. For instance, broadly speaking, it is not easy to harmonize quantum observations with what we understand/see cosmically, or comprehend the prodigious expansion of universe in the tethering field of gravity, or point out the emergence of consciousness in the evolution of space-time. In an overall sense, it is not straight forward to explain as to why mathematics depict reality with such an accuracy, and foremost, we do not have a scheme that embodies consciousness or perceptivity—both are the forces of nature, and thus unify with the forces that we are able to somewhat pin down,” says Neeti in her effort to introduce some of the major theme queries that would help bring forth a more comprehensive sketch of reality, without the embedded pitfalls. "And such a description would guide us comprehend how we ourselves exist and continue," adds Neeti.

In Neeti’s words, "The experimental observations in physics, and basic to complex formulations in mathematics, do point to an all-encompassing texture, that which subsumes consciousness. The trick perhaps would be to find a way to include the perceptivity in the picture that sciences present to us. Indeed we need a single one more important bit of input, which is who are we (?), or better yet, who are we at an absolute level. Question isn’t just a philosophical one. Every bit of reality must be accounted in our attempt to see the ultimate makeup. And in doing so we may be able to see the resolutions to certain perplexities that we face in the methodical interpretation of reality."

"The realities of mathematics, experimental observations and the way we encounter the universe would all be a genuine ingredient in the making of the truest reality," adds Neeti. In light general tone of the blog—Magnifieduniverse—Neeti plans to communicate and discuss shades of our reality, its scientific and orderly structure, and the rational interpretations concerning the flow and evolution of the uttermost space-time. Neeti further comments, "Indeed, the blog posts inherently will have the creative and aesthetical aspects to have us all interested, and to keep the tone at a general level."

The overall theme of the blog can be learnt from the introductory post. “Any kind of understanding of how space-time flows rests on two steadfast pillars. One, the observations, and the theories that stem from them, in physics—and here physics and mathematics are synonymous. Mathematical formulations alone take forms of physical reality with incredible precision. And two, interpreting these observations and views in context to the way we perceive, and who we are at all levels,” says Neeti in explaining a little what the topic entails.

Neeti further adds “The dynamical structure of mass-energy as captured by Einstein’s theories of relativities, wave-particle duality, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and quantum mechanical understanding sweeps the regions of consciousness, and its belongings, even the subliminal, to have them all in an overarching continuum and evolution of space-time. Indeed, for a full picture to appear all components must be slotted into the framework—including the ones of our own identities, at all levels.”

Please join Neeti Sinha to explore this systematic, creative, imaginative and truly delightful topic of our concordantly evolving reality.

Neeti Sinha holds Ph.D in biochemistry from Oxford University. She was a postdoctoral researcher at the National Institutes of Health, where she researched and published in advanced fields of biophysics and computational biology. Subsequently, she worked in the emerging areas of computational thermodynamics at the Johns Hopkins University. For further information about her and this mission please visit the website at


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