Cameron Dunlap's Next Real Estate Training Event In Orlando, FL Will Teach Attendees All About Making Money In Real Estate is happy to announce that they will be hosting another Vacant House & Foreclosure Summit on March 21st, 22nd, and 23rd in Orlando, FL where attendees will learn the best strategies for making money in real estate in this market.

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) March 04, 2014

Although the real estate market has been looking up, many investors aren’t making money in real estate. In order to have a successful real estate business, one must continuously be adjusting with the housing market. It’s a lot easier said than done. This is why is so excited to announce that they will be hosting another Vacant House & Foreclosure Summit on March 21st, 22nd, and 23rd in Orlando, FL.

There will always be vacant houses and foreclosures. All thought that’s unfortunate, it’s true. Investors across the country have the opportunity to help struggling home owners out of their situation and build a real estate business around one of the most profitable parts of the market.

Cameron Dunlap, one of the most successful foreclosure experts in the nation, has decided to go back to the state he started to build his real estate business in, Florida, for his next event. Dunlap spent over a decade investing in Florida before he began investing in several other markets. He has been investing for the last two decades, but now focuses on helping other investors grow their businesses and make more money investing in real estate.

At these events, attendees are not only taught effective and useful strategies, but they are also given the tools and resources they need to use these strategies. Dunlap also provides funding, proof of funds, software, and additional training.

Dunlap stated, “Anyone can sit down and listen to someone teach. Without the tools, software, funding sources, and everything else needed to do a deal, there is no way to go out and apply what was learned. I want to both teach my students and give them the means necessary to go out and put everything into practice. After attending my Vacant House & Foreclosure Summit, attendees will have everything they need to go out and do their first or next deal.”

Most of the lessons taught at the Vacant House & Foreclosure Summit focus on finding vacant properties and foreclosures. The topics vary from finding and identifying potential deals, pre-screening a deal, locating homeowners, estimating repair value, and funding to working with real estate agents and title companies.

The next summit will be on March 21st, 22nd, and 23rd in Orlando, FL. Both experienced and beginner real estate investors are welcome to attend. One of the other benefits of an event like this is that Cameron encourages network amongst attendees. Learning from and getting to know one another is very valuable.

Find out more information about Cameron’s upcoming Vacant House & Foreclosure Summit in Orlando, FL or register for the event by visiting now!