Marriage Rate in US at the Lowest -- Marriage Expert Explains Why

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The national center for Marriage and Family Research released a report recently that the marriage rate in the US has declined to an all time low. Marriage Expert and matchmaker extraordinaire Hellen Chen explains the reasons behind and announces a love seminar in Los Angeles -

Bestselling author and matchmaker extraordinaire Hellen Chen gets on a mission to help men and women understand marriage.

It is okay to take care of Number One with your own efforts. But if you are expecting another person to take care of you or guarantee you something, this is where the problem starts.

A report released recently by Bowling Green State University's National Center for Marriage and Family Research revealed that the U.S. marriage rate is currently at 31.1, that means there are 31 marriages per 1,000 unmarried women. However, in 1920, the national marriage rate was 92.3.

The number of married women is currently at an historic low.

In the last decade, there are more dating shows on TV and more sophisticated profile matchmaking online and more avenues to find "true love," yet all these tools did not stop a global down-turning trend in marriage.

After helping at least 100 unwilling singles to nod their heads and become married, matchmaker extraordinaire and bestselling author Hellen Chen has just finished a workshop in Singapore as part of her Asia tour, where she talked about why modern men or women were more and more unwilling to step into marriage.

“Marriage is a simple institution where two persons in love come together to build a family. But now it has become highly complex from just looking at the criteria like money, status, jobs etc on choosing a 'right' partner." said Chen.

Chen talks about the entitlement mentality where singles goes in and out of relationships to look for that “relationship security” -- wanting their partner to give them what they want.

At a radio interview from Singapore, Chen mentioned how parents have educated their children to believe they are entitled to all the comfort around them. However, a future husband or wife may not pamper the individual as his or her parents have.

"This becomes a problem. No one wants a spoiled wife or husband. Yet we are raising our young generation to believe that he or she is the center of the world," said Chen.

As a US bestselling author in romance, relationships and family issues, Chen has written 22 books. In her latest book “Hellen Chen’s Love Seminar” (a Barnes and Noble bestseller), Chen points out that over 90% of dating results in breakups. After dating for a while, a person ends up gaining mostly negative experiences -- lots of wounds to heal and more fearful than ever to commit into marriage.

Chen has earned the title of "The Matchmaker of the Century" because unlike conventional matchmakers, her prospects are often skeptical men and women who have resisted the idea of marriage.

“It is okay to take care of Number One with your own efforts. But if you are expecting another person to take care of you or guarantee you something, this is where the problem starts,” said Chen.

Chen’s work has been featured in over 200 media publications in 19 countries.

Her workshop Hellen Chen's Love Seminar which highlights the vital love lessons to make a relationship last will be coming to Los Angeles on March 8th. More info can be found on

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