Meditations of a Modern Day Bishop Provides Readers With Insight Into Mindfulness Meditation Training

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Providing the steps to achieve Mindfulness Meditation, Meditations of a Modern Day Bishop Seeks to Provide Readers with a Step-by-Step Walk to a Deeper and More Meaningful Relationship with Their Creator and the People in their lives. This Compilation of Notes and Meditations has been Brought to Fruition by Retired School Teacher, Ann Kirschner.

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Meditations of a Modern Day Bishop

“This book has life changing words which cause people to question what they believe and provide a way for them to do something about it,” said writer Ann Kirschner.

For more than 40 years, a Bishop (O.F.J) in the One Holy Catholic Orthodox and Undivided Apostolic Church of God sought help in compiling his notes and meditations. Remaining Anonymous, the Bishop has chosen to point the credit to his Creator as the author of the book.

“Working with people for more than half of my life has allowed me to provide wisdom and insight into the one true way of finding happiness—their relationship with our Creator. While most people prefer the title of God, others chose different labels. Regardless, the important thing is the Relationship and how it affects our lives,” said the Bishop.

This 120-page book is filled with a modern way of seeking Mindfulness Meditations and a way to change how we look and feel about ourselves, then turning that love to others. Ann Kirschner, retired school teacher from Indiana said, “This book has life changing words which cause people to question what they believe and provide a way for them to do something about it.”

Not designed to take the place of any existing Bible, which the Bishop calls one of the greatest pieces of literature ever written, this ultra-condensed version contains many of the same messages God delivered to men thousands of years ago. While meditating for at least an hour each day for the last 40-years, the Bishop believes he has been inspired to share the insight and wisdom he has been empowered to write.

With our world in a constant state of chaos, many people are looking for something to help them cope with the frustrations and disappointments of daily life. The Bishop believes that looking within and seeking guidance from the One who knows us best, is the way to find the path of ultimate happiness and peace.
“So many people don’t understand what the Bible says,” the Bishop explained. “This short book contains the most important information from our Creator: Just love one another and expect nothing in return.” By offering a 30-day challenge to read this book, apply the message to their life and see what happens, he believes the message is so powerful that anyone reading it will not only question what their real beliefs are, but also how they live their lives.

The Bishop, was once declared to be a “guru,” by a mentor has chosen anonymity because he believes he is simply the vehicle that delivers the message intended for today’s modern society. “Many times I get phone calls asking for help to an emotional situation or a life’s dilemma. I never profess to know the answers—but somehow I always have the words. The Creator gives me what I need, when I need it, and enables me to share it with others. It’s a miraculous thing.”

The book is available by ordering at or on as an e-book download.

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