Transforming International CBRNE Threat Detection

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Matrix International Exchange unveiled JOSHUA, the Joint Operational Service Hologram for Universal Application, at the Observatory on Security and CBRNE Defence (OSDIFE). The delegates, drawn from national security agencies, participated in the build of additional user requirements.

MATRIX International Exchange

JOSHUA has gathered incredible interest and support from security agencies around the world and we anticipate it being the world’s leading threat detection platform.

JOSHUA integrates threat intelligence from ‘darknet feeds’ and the BLACKOPS Cyber ERINYES platform, designed with precision to thwart cyber activists threatening individuals, corporations and governments. ERINYES hold the world’s largest database of threat actors and this information is collected in real time. JOSHUA also promises to deliver an early warning, automated, smart, safe city environment, to the scale of which, has never before been seen.

Lisa Fletcher, Matrix Founder and CEO said, "JOSHUA has gathered incredible interest and support from security agencies around the world and we anticipate it being the world’s leading threat detection platform."

The inaugural launch in Italy was followed by an announcement by Matrix, from their London base, of a key partnership with BLACKOPS Cyber. This collaboration is set to deliver the world’s most advanced civil protection program utilizing space technology.

Built on an award winning IoT platform, JOSHUA delivers:

  • Advanced lifesaving protocols in support of local emergency responders
  • Secure communications in support of local command functions
  • Interactive 3D Holographic artificial intelligence and situational analysis
  • Facial recognition
  • CBRNe precursor detection, identification and monitoring
  • Weapons and firearm detection
  • State of the art air and water sensors
  • Detect, analyze report, threats of suspicious and unlawful activities
  • Darknet trawls
  • UAV’s, Holograms and Sentinel Guardians
  • IoT Command control center interface

Elegantly simple to use, the system has been developed by multi-national, multi-agency operational and tactical counter- terrorism advisors and their partner agencies. JOSHUA is a bespoke service sponsored by academics and supported by space technology.

Ground breaking algorithms detect, analyze and report suspicious activity and threats such as terrorism, organised crime, fraud and money laundering and a wide range of other unlawful activities. Threat intelligence in ‘seek mode’ has the capability to track physical crimes, such as human trafficking and child exploitation. JOSHUA is able to pursue state sponsored, activist and insider threats. Index counterfeit merchandise, stolen data markets for pirated goods, credit cards, identity theft, money laundering, or tracing asset losses. As well as the interception and disruption of illicit narcotics and materials supply chain.

For Police Teams and Security Agencies, the capability and capacity to detect unusual spikes in crime, correlate criminal gatherings, and social media with darknet profiles, exponentially increases the opportunity for capture and prosecution. It assists in the saving of innocent lives and reduces the risks of responding agencies. Darknet feeds, provided through our Partnership with BLACKOPS Cyber are critical to combating modern CBRNE threats, terrorism and organized crime.

The command control center interfaces to sentinel and drone holograms that gather vital data in real-time, sharing information with existing command structures. JOSHUA enhances emergency response team’s capability to respond more effectively as a result a more rapid return to normalit,y by reducing casualties and saving lives of responders and the public.

Our mission is to provide safer communities, improving early warning and detection services.

ABOUT MATRIX International Exchange

Matrix International Exchange is the developer of the JOSHUA Platform. Matrix utilizes decades of operational experience from within. The international team includes technology experts, military and government advisors and covert counter terrorism specialists.
Mission: Protecting and Preserving Communities


BLACKOPS Cyber, the developer of CyberHUMINT™ proudly holds the best international record for arrest, prosecution and conviction of threat-actors through real-time support to law enforcement. Leveraging our CyberHUMINT™ tradecraft, law enforcement has been able to secure swift apprehensions. Additionally, we provide counter-terrorism support to law enforcement, military and government agencies. We harness our years of operation within the US Intelligence Community & the Department of Defense Special Missions Units to utilize our experience with on-net, remote & close access exploitation operations. We moreover specialize in technical intelligence collection; employing classified, commercial analytic tools, and databases to enrich reporting efforts and maximize our results.

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