Mike Shreeve, Founder of The No Pants Project, Reveals Three Steps Freelancers Can Take to Increase New Clients in 2019

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Mike Shreeve, founder of The No Pants Project, reveals three simple steps entrepreneurs can implement to get an influx of new clients in the New Year.

For the past 7 years I’ve generated more clients than I can handle—often referring enough work I don’t want to do to friends who themselves have gone full-time just from the extra work I’ve given them. Today, I will share with you the three things I know actually work for getting new clients.

Mike Shreeve, founder of The No Pants Project, recently revealed three steps entrepreneurs can take to obtain more clients without cumbersome sales funnels. In his recent article, “How To Get More Clients Than You Can Handle,” Shreeve reveals that he is not surprised when complex sales funnels fail. He went on to share his three simple steps for gaining new clients, including having a good offer, owning a repeatable way to communicate with people, and repeatedly following up with potential clients. Shreeve began, “Last week, someone shared a screenshot of a funnel they had built to attract clients. It had 14 steps. 8 of those steps had three response options which created an additional 24 steps. So, if you were a prospective client going through this person’s “client getting funnel” you’d have to make it through an insane 38 steps before you could even book a call with the Freelancer. Everyone in the group was cheering him on about “how impressive” his “funnel” was. Last night I saw an update from this guy. His “funnel” didn’t work. He spent more than $2000 in ad costs and got zero results.I’m not surprised. If Starbucks made you go through a 38 step process would you buy their coffee? For the past 7 years I’ve generated more clients than I can handle—often referring enough work I don’t want to do to friends who themselves have gone full-time just from the extra work I’ve given them. Today, I will share with you the three things I know actually work for getting new clients.”

Step one of Shreeve’s three-step formula consists of having a good offer. Shreeve stated, “You need a good offer. You need to give people what they want. More importantly…what they want to pay for (big difference). To do this, ask. Find some dream clients, talk to them, ask them where they are hurting and what keeps them up at night. Create a solution where your services can solve that problem. Price it to match the value you offer (not the time it takes you to complete it). Now you have a Good Offer.”

The second step Shreeve shares is having a repeatable method of communicating with people, such as email. He elaborated saying, “Own a repeatable way to communicate with people. It’s a noisy world out there. More now than ever, you have to repeat yourself if you want to get heard. Meaning: You can’t just say something once and expect people to ‘get it’. Seriously, how many times have I sent you an email saying, ‘Keep it simple’? Tons, right? That’s what it takes. Especially if you are trying to sell something to someone. Therefore, you need a channel/form of communication where you can repeatedly reach the same people over and over again to repeat your message of help and service. I recommend an email list.”

In conclusion, The No Pants Project founder revealed step three, “Follow up, follow up, follow up. People are lazy. We are designed that way. If I had to choose between going for a run and watching a Youtube video…100% of the time I will choose the Youtube video (and I actually LIKE running). Why? Conservation. Our brains are hardwired to expend as little energy and resources as possible. That’s just nature. Your clients are no different. They don’t want to hire anyone, except that they do. Just like you don’t want to workout, except that you do because you want to be healthy. Clients don’t want to spend money, they don’t want to manage people, they don’t want to do whatever you are asking them to do…they just want to watch Youtube videos. Except that they don’t. What they REALLY want is help. To overcome their pain. To find a solution to what bothers them. This is where you come in with your fierce follow up. I recommend doing this through your email list by sending an email every day.”

Mike Shreeve is a published author, is a published author, husband, father, coach, philanthropist, avid reader, and lover of words. He utilizes his passion for writing to create successful companies and to help others. Shreeve has set out to revolutionize the widely accepted nine to five, Monday through Friday grind. Through The No Pants Project, Shreeve gives freelancers the tools and coaching they need to become their own boss. Giving back is an important part of Shreeve’s life and ventures. Since 2011, Shreeve has served on the Board of Directors for NIKELA, an organization that helps protect wildlife in South Africa. Shreeve currently resides in Portland, Oregon with his family.

About The No Pants Project
Mike Shreeve established The No Pants Project in 2017, with the determination to change the way people think about the work/life balance. The No Pants Project was founded to give people the tools they need to take what they are good at and make a living out of it, gaining freedom. Freedom from working 40 hours a week, freedom to stay at home with the kids, freedom to work less hours, freedom to travel, and yes, freedom to work without wearing pants (if one so chooses). The No Pants Project is a 90-day, online program that teaches students how to find their freelancing super power, get consistent work (while increasing fees without marketing), and generate passive income.

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