Mobile Apps and Websites: Limited Time 40% Off Via mobiliThink

mobiliThink has experience in developing #1 ranking applications on the App Store - let them develop your website or mobile app; Apps mobiliThink has worked on for our clients have been downloaded over 50 million times. Moreover, via SEO marketing mobiliThink has tripled business for clients.

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Over 72% of mobile phone users want a mobile friendly website

Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) April 30, 2014

mobiliThink has been traditionally been growing via referrals but recently started active marketing. Thus, mobiliThink is proud to announce a limited time promotion of developing mobile apps and websites for new clients. Please mention code 'MOBI-PR' when contacting mobiliThink to qualify for the promotion.

Why have a professionally made App?

In today’s mobile world, it is critical to have an app available that works seamlessly with the mobile device and showcases your organization.

Having a mobile application is essential for:

  •     Increasing visibility
  •     Provide another distribution and marketing channel
  •     Showcase your organization to more people
  •     Viral marketing when people interact with the app via Twitter, Facebook
  •     Generating more dollars via more users
  •     Capturing valuable data
  •     Upon user’s approval, track their preferences
  •     Data mine and send custom targeted ads
  •     Reducing marketing spending
  •     People can directly see your app, and your app can keep reminding of your services
  •     People will go to your app often if they find it’s easy to use and fulfills the need
  •     Projecting an image that your organization is technologically savvy
  •     Not having a mobile app is a sign of being behind the times; note how ubiquitous and essential websites have become
  •     Increasing loyalty with the user base
  •     Your organization is a click away and you can tweet directly from the app
  •     Users can easily view the mandate of the organization and remind themselves of the value proposition
  •     Users can interact more easily with other users to build a community
  •     Providing an instant communication platform
  •     Push notifications are more engaging than email
  •     Mobile apps generally provide a richer and more responsive experience than websites alone

Why have a mobile friendly website?

Interesting stats:

  • Nearly 79% of mobile phone never return to a website which is not mobile friendly!
  • About 72% of mobile phone users want a mobile friendly website!
  • Google will start to penalize websites which are not mobile friendly!

Over 70% of web users are now browsing via mobile. Thus, it is critical to have a website that is optimized for mobile. Having a mobile optimized website is essential for:

  •     Ease of use
  •     Mobile sites are easier to use on smartphones than regular websites and will retain the customer better
  •     Generating more dollars
  •     As your website is mobile optimized, more people would find it easier to discover your product and service.
  •     Projecting an image that your organization is technologically savvy
  •     Not having a website optimized for mobile is a sign of being behind the times
  •     Tablets
  •     As your website would be responsive, it would also look great on tablets!

About mobiliThink:

mobiliThink has clients that Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses. Some of our clients, from all around the world, include:

  • IBM
  • GuestDriven
  • EADS
  • Government of Quebec
  • and more!

mobiliThink is located in the prestigious location of Constitution Square - in Ottawa, Canada.


  • Saqib Dareshani
    +1 613-800-4286