Mold Is Expected to Cost Pepperell $200K, My Cleaning Products Asserts Two Organic Mold Removal Sprays Could Help Others Avoid Such Huge Expense

The mold in Pepperell was expected to cause the town some $200K, said a report. In an effort to save others from a similar costly problem, My Cleaning Products recommended two organic mold removal sprays for an early remediation process.

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As effective mold removal sprays...they [Molderizer & Safe Shield] could make the process fast and easy.Moreover, because they are both made with organic ingredients...they also make the process safe.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) January 20, 2014

Mold was causing a huge problem at Pepperell's public-safety complex. A report from dated January 16, 2014 stated that it was expected to cause the town some $200,000. In response to it, My Cleaning Products recommended two organic mold removal sprays to help others avoid similar problem and huge spending.

As it was said in the report, because of the fungus, employees were transferred to the two rented trailers placed at the parking lot of the building. It detailed that one of them was designated for the administration staff whereas the other was reserved for the police. On the other hand, it shared that prisoners were temporarily held at Groton Police Department.

Town Administrator John Moak said in the report that the mold in the facility was caused by the consistent cutback on the maintenance budgets over the years. And to completely clear it, it was said that about five months would be needed to finish the process.

Regarding the money to carry out the treatment, the post related that Finance Committee approved a request of $60,000 for it. Voters will be asked for an additional $150,000 during a Special Town Meeting on Feb. 3, it added.

Here is an excerpt from the post about Mold to Cost Pepperell $200K by My Cleaning Products.

“With mold presence comes various and big spending. Pepperell's public-safety complex administration understands that very well with the expected $200,000 worth of mold treatment that it needs to get completed.

According to Town Administrator John Moak, the mold in the building was the product of the consistent cutback on the maintenance budgets over the years. And because of its presence, employees will have to be relocated to give way to the clean-up process.”

According to MCP, mold could indeed bring in huge spending by causing damages to structures and health. More so, it said, if its removal process is delayed.

And so, the company advised the public to be vigilant of any mold sign. If any of them is encountered, it asserted that one must immediately act on it.

Particularly, My Cleaning Products stated that a person must immediately implement an inspection if ever he comes across a hint of the fungus' presence. Once it is confirmed, it said that a mold remediation process must then follow up.

Nevertheless, for an individual to do that personally and without spending too big, MCP asserted that he would need Molderizer and Safe Shield. As effective mold removal sprays, it said that they could make the process fast and easy.

Moreover, because they are both made with organic ingredients, the company cited that they also make the process safe. It elaborated that they leave no chemical residues when sprayed, hence, they are not harmful to health and the environment.

To personally see how well they work, MCP invites the public to visit its website at and get the Molderizer and Safe Shield Complimentary Samples.


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