Mold Damages Mauldin High Gyms, My Cleaning Products Suggests Use of Two Mold Removal Sprays to Help Solve Similar Mold Problems

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Though already cleared, mold in Mauldin High left the school's gyms damaged, said a report. My Cleaning Products advised the use of Molderizer and Safe Shield to help resolve such mold problems effectively and safely.

Molderizer could kill mold fast and Safe Shield could prevent its return efficiently without emitting a foul odor or harmful residue.

Mold was discovered in Mauldin High School. According to a report posted on August 13, 2013 from, it particularly damaged two gymnasiums. And stating that it wanted to help everyone solve such mold problems, My Cleaning Products recommended the use of two mold removal sprays Molderizer and Safe Shield.

The report relayed that air samples actually showed that mold spores weren't airborne yet, MCP shared. However, it stated that it still caused damages so a mold treatment was implemented. Particularly, it detailed that areas affected were cleaned and items were sterilized.

Mold, based on the report, was specifically discovered in the old and the main gyms of the campus, relayed My Cleaning Products. It said that a roof leak caused the mold presence in the old gym that affected the lockers, the offices and a storage room housed in it. On the other hand, an HVAC problem caused the mold growth in the main gym, it related.

Here's an excerpt from the post Mold Found in Mauldin High by My Cleaning Products.

"Mold brings various problems. And in the case of its presence at Mauldin High, it particularly brought damages to the campus' gyms, rooms and offices."

"A post from one website stated that the school's air sample actually tested negative of dangerous spore level. However, the areas affected were still cleaned and the items within the premises were treated according to standard mold cleaning procedures."

Mold could cause damages to structures and health, My Cleaning Products said. Because of that, mold removal is an essential process, it stressed. However, it specified that besides just implementing it efficiently, it must also be done quickly as the spores multiply at a very fast pace.

Among the methods to kill mold though, the use of mold removal sprays is the one it deemed the best for an immediate mold treatment. So, it advised the public to always have them prepared. With their help, a massive mold infestation and a huge spending could be prevented, it stated.

Nonetheless, of all the mold remediation solutions, MCP only recommended Molderizer and Safe Shield. And as it reasoned, that's because both are effective while being safe for health and the environment. It elaborated that Molderizer could kill mold fast and Safe Shield could prevent its return efficiently without emitting a foul odor or harmful residue.

To prove those benefits true, it also urged everyone to try the Complimentary Samples of Molderizer and Safe Shield. As it shared, they are available at

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