CDC Says More Seniors Now Face Multiple Chronic Health Conditions: Mom's Meals Delivers Solutions to Help Manage Them

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As we age, we expect systems to slow down, but today, more seniors than ever are facing multiple health issues, increasing the need for a healthy, nutritious diet customized to their changing needs. When those meals are delivered, it can take the guesswork out of planning.

More and more Americans are now living with more than one chronic condition, making mealtime often the most challenging time of the day.

Ordering Mom’s Meals really changed my life and my parents’ lives, too. Living hundreds of miles away from my aging parents, we both found peace of mind, not to mention terrific tasting meals, with the delivery of food right to their door.

Everyone expects some health problems as they age. After all, bodies get older and systems and organs, bones and muscles all begin to slow down.

However, today, more seniors are facing more multiple health issues than ever before. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported significant increases in the proportion of seniors with “multiple chronic conditions,” including hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, cancer, stroke, emphysema, asthma and kidney disease. This means that along with a variety of medications at the ready, instructions on what to eat are probably overwhelming as well.

Between 2000 and 2010, the number of seniors with both high blood pressure and diabetes almost doubled, from 9% to 15%. The number of those with both high blood pressure and heart disease jumped from 18% to 21%, and the number of people battling both high blood pressure and cancer rose from 8% to 11%.

One of the most significant findings is that these statistically significant increases are not isolated to a specific racial or ethnic group, but to American seniors as a whole, no matter the income level, background, or geographic region. Managing these conditions can take a team of healthcare professionals, combined with dietitians, home health workers, and caregivers.

Mom's Meals, which delivers meals to customers' doors, has a rotating menu of over 70 options, including those for people with more than one chronic condition, from heart issue to renal disease and from diabetes to gluten-free needs.

“Despite improved medical care, more and more seniors are finding it difficult to manage their health today,” said Rick Anderson, president of Mom’s Meals, a company which delivers fresh-made meals to seniors and others who have difficulty shopping or preparing meals. “When faced with both diabetes and renal disease, or a heart condition and diabetes, the overwhelming amount of information they need to remember can be daunting.”

Decreased mobility, economic hardship, and the side effects of poor health may make it challenging for seniors to get to the market for fresh foods, to socialize, and to maintain habits that lead to good health. Loss of loved ones, and not being as “useful” or “needed,” can lead to depression. Loss of bladder control, dental issues, and perhaps no longer being able to drive can also contribute to an inability to maintain good health.

“Having more than one chronic condition makes it far more likely a senior will be hospitalized and can lead to a greater economic burden for the seniors and their caregivers,” said Anderson. “Caregivers are finding it far more challenging to manage the day to day health of their loved ones as it involves increased doctor’s visits, more prescriptions to fill and stay on top of, more dietary restrictions, decreased mobility and health, and increased expense.”

“Ordering Mom’s Meals really changed my life and my parents’ lives, too,” said Joanne S., 61, of Boulder, CO. “Living hundreds of miles away from my aging parents, we both found peace of mind, not to mention terrific tasting meals, with the delivery of food right to their door, especially for my dad who is living with both diabetes and heart disease.”

Mom’s Meals strives to be the leading expert and provider of senior and patient nutrition to help support health and recuperation and nourish independence at home for higher quality living. The company is dedicated to providing fresh-made, nutritious, home-delivered meals to customers nationwide and has specialized in senior and patient care for over 13 years.

Mom’s Meals are available for customers on specific diets including heart-healthy meals that are both low sodium and low fat, diabetic-friendly meals with 60 carbs or less, renal meals, and vegetarian and gluten-free choices. Mom’s Meals prepares, packages, and delivers ready-to-heat and eat meals directly to a customer’s door anywhere in the United States. For more information or to order Mom’s Meals, call 1-866-508-6667.

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