Mona Labs announces new fast-growth customers, product milestones for protecting AI from anomalies and biases

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Mona Labs, the leader in intelligent monitoring for AI systems, today announced key milestones for its product capabilities and customer growth.

AI innovators are finding that continuous evolution of the AI environment - such as models, infrastructure, and teams - is the key to sustaining the initial growth impact, and performance visibility is crucial to enabling this evolution.

Organizations have been investing heavily in AI-driven research and development for use cases such as fraud detection, healthcare research, and marketing intelligence. IDC predicts that in 2021 organizations will spend roughly $5B on AI Software Platforms [1], a wide range of solutions such as AI data management and machine learning operations (MLops) tools, to power their AI research and development efforts. Within this market, one particularly important category is AI monitoring. As companies adopt and build AI systems and products, they often struggle to sustain the initial business impact. Monitoring is a critical part of the lifecycle of AI systems, enabling data scientists and machine learning engineers to continuously observe and adjust the performance of their systems. AI teams are then able to protect AI from anomalies and biases, as well as sustain and even improve upon business impact and AI-driven growth.

Mona Labs’ latest release of its AI monitoring product marks a significant milestone in the AI platform market, most notably for its proven flexibility, intelligence, and scalability.

Flexibility. Supported use cases now include images, audio, video, text, and tabular data, for a myriad of purposes such as language detection, NLU, satellite imagery classification, risk analysis, and ETA prediction.

Intelligence. The latest release also includes 13 proprietary anomaly detection algorithms such as for detecting drifts, biases, and data integrity issues, along with several more for rule-based validations. The product highlights only anomalies that matter and often require immediate action, enabling preempting machine learning issues before they impact the business.

Scalability. The platform has recently scaled to support customer data in the range of billions of inferences per day. At the largest customer deployment, the platform now processes over 5G/minute of model data, translating roughly to 1M inference runs per minute.

For these reasons, the platform does not only extend to virtually any AI use case, but can also handle significantly large data workloads. These capabilities enable Mona’s customers to reduce manual labor often spent investigating potential AI anomalies, and to preempt negative business impact.

“We started our journey with the realization that AI has gone from supporting businesses to fueling their growth,” explained CEO Yotam Oren. “AI innovators are finding that continuous evolution of the AI environment - such as models, infrastructure, and teams - is the key to sustaining the initial growth impact, and that performance visibility is crucial to enabling this evolution. To meet this need we continue to grow our AI/ML observability platform, and focus on empowering AI-native companies, with actionable intelligence about their data and models.”

In addition to new product capabilities, the company announced several new marquee customers. In recent months, Mona has become the monitoring solution of choice for several fast-growth innovators and unicorns: Fiverr,, K Health, Cape Analytics, and Kueski. Their AI monitoring implementations unlock business growth across different verticals, from healthcare to financial services and marketplaces, and span tens of thousands of machine learning model instances across deep learning and machine learning use cases.

“At Gong, the rapid expansion of our revenue intelligence product presents big challenges of constant domain shifts and potential new biases which can shift the results of our ML models” says Ohad Parush, EVP of Research and Development. “With Mona, we're able to pre-empt it in production before it has a negative effect on our customers, allowing us to review our models and algorithms quickly and ensure our customers are not affected."

Mona Labs’ product is in general availability and interested customers can get started today.

Mona provides intelligent and flexible AI monitoring for AI-driven companies and teams who need to continuously adapt and optimize their production environments for fast business growth. Customers across all verticals use Mona's platform for a variety of use cases such as fraud detection, data-driven healthcare, e-commerce marketing optimization, and revenue intelligence. Founded in 2018 by product leaders and operators from Google and McKinsey & Co., the company is backed by top VCs, with offices in Tel Aviv, Atlanta, and San Francisco. For more information, visit

[1] “IDC Forecasts Strong 12.3% Growth for AI Market in 2020 Amidst Challenging Circumstances,” 04 Aug 2020,

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