New Book Reveals ‘Body Language Secrets’ — Making It a Great Gift for Everyone from Poker Players and Politicians to Pastors and Parents

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Research indicates that speaking is just part of the communication process; nonverbal signals play a much larger role than most people realize. This mystery of nonverbal communication is unlocked in “Body Language Secrets,” a new book by Michael C. Anthony (

“The way you move your eyes, mouth, head, arms and legs—it all has meaning,” Anthony explains.

Actions speak louder than words. Everyone knows that, but how many people have taken the time to identify those actions, categorize them and then explain what they really mean? That’s exactly what Michael C. Anthony ( has done in his engaging new book, “Body Language Secrets—How to Read Minds by Reading Bodies.”

“The way you move your eyes, mouth, head, arms and legs—it all has meaning,” Anthony explains. “When you practice the techniques in this book, you will not only use your body in a brand new way, but you’ll have the skills to read the body language of others and know what they are really thinking.”

Anthony’s answers aren’t just academic. As a popular campus speaker and corporate trainer, he regularly puts his techniques to the test in front of large live audiences across America. In addition to those performances, Anthony has been featured in a variety of broadcast programs on CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox. The popular multi-talented performer lives in Florida and is a client of MCA (, a full-service ad agency based in Tampa.

Here’s a link to a video that summarizes what Anthony shares in “Body Language Secrets”:

Deciphering body language isn’t Anthony’s only expertise: He is also a board certified hypnotherapist. VH1 called him “The best stage hypnotist on the planet,” Dr. Roberta Temes featured him in her book “The Idiots Guide to Hypnosis,” and renowned producer Simon Painter picked Anthony as “The Hypnotist” for The Illusionists 2.0, an elite team of eclectic performers that entertain at some of the most exclusive venues in the world.

“Body Language Secrets” is a book for anyone who has ever been told one thing and then watched the very same person inexplicably do the exact opposite of what they’ve just said. This sort of frustrating contradictory behavior (some might even call it “lying”) happens nearly every day to parents, pastors and sales people as well as journalists, law enforcement officers, CEOs, HR managers, job recruiters, teachers and border agents.

That’s why anyone who has ever been snookered, bamboozled, hoodwinked, flimflammed, bilked, tricked, duped or hornswoggled can benefit from reading “Body Language Secrets.”

Here’s what Amazon reviewer Mike Mandel said: “If you want to nail the basics and beyond, look no further than this very approachable read. Michael C. Anthony has a proven track record, and I've seen him present to packed-out college and corporate crowds. I learned a ton, and am recommending it to my own students. If you want to know what hidden messages that you and others are sending, pick up a copy of this awesome book!”

“Body Language Secrets” doesn’t just deal with what to look for in nonverbal communication. It also offers insight on how to proactively send nonverbal signals. For example, most people don’t realize that something as seemingly simple as a handshake does not have a universally agreed-upon standard:

In Russia, it’s considered rude for a man to shake hands with a woman, while the Swiss not only shake a woman’s hand, they do so first—and while Germans prefer a single, short, firm shake, the Chinese shake hands with a much lighter grip, but hold on for a longer time.

All that and many more pro-active, non-verbal indicators are detailed in Anthony’s lively, illustrated, easy-to-understand, 218-page book, which can be ordered at bookstores everywhere by using the International Standard Book Number designations ISBN-10: 1499159552 and ISBN-13: 978-1499159554.

“Body Language Secrets” is also available on Amazon, including as a Kindle version, at

ABOUT: Michael C. Anthony is a popular speaker on college campuses and a much sought-after trainer at corporate events. Recently he was chosen as “The Hypnotist” for The Illusionists 2.0, an eclectic international team of elite performers. His first appearance is in Australia this coming January. Anthony is a client with MCA (, a full-service ad agency based in Florida.

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