New Science Fiction Movie Trilogy Bases Epic Hero-Adventure Story on the “Lost Years” of Jesus

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Renowned author, screenwriter and independent filmmaker Lachlen Paul French has chosen the largely unknown story of the missing years of Jesus’ life as the theme of his new science fiction movie trilogy, Mystic Traveler. Based on decades of scholarship, the scripts follow Yeshua’s life between birth and age 30 in three sweeping, epic action-adventure films made for modern audiences to be produced by Enthios Entertainment, LLC.

Lachlen Paul French - Executive Producer, Mystic Traveler Movie Trilogy

Lachlen Paul French - Executive Producer, Mystic Traveler Movie Trilogy

Mystic Traveler will create many firsts in movie-making history through cutting-edge technologies in film making and innovation in film marketing.

While movies based on Biblical stories have experienced a recent resurgence in popularity, nearly all are essentially telling the same story in the same way, and using similar characters, settings, wardrobes and even scripts as every other film of the genre produced over the last one hundred years. And then there’s Mystic Traveler.

Lachlen Paul French (CEO) and David J. Ziegler (EVP) of Enthios Entertainment have embraced a new way to relay the power of the old story focusing on the complete development of perhaps the most influential person in world history. The story is wrapped in a science fiction adventure that explores what Yeshua learned and had to teach us on the topics of consciousness, power, and our connection with all life.

French, Ziegler and their talented team of filmmakers and professionals have set out to create a masterpiece that will be the most authentic presentation of Jesus' lifetime in film history. Utilizing the best in new sound technologies and special effects, these films are poised to be transform the sensory experience for movie goers and provide other “firsts” in movie making history.

The Mystic Traveler Movie Trilogy will “storify,” or construct the missing years of Jesus’ life that the Bible does not reveal. Unknown to most people, there is a large cache of oral history and written literature from many countries on these “lost years.” This information, along with detailed research of ancient scrolls and contemporary quantum physics have been assembled here to create these three epics.

As a biblical author, scholar and historian with a passion for physics and metaphysics, Lachlen French and his capable team will undertake this estimable project in good faith to both literature and science. The essence of the trilogy presents a real person from the literary view, and, of note, within the ancient “hero-story” form, presented through a science fiction adventure that spans time and the universe. Audiences will be able to envision a persona with warm gravitas, power, affection, charisma and insight, revealed in adventures, time-travel and remarkable interactions.

As an independent film company, Enthios’ has chosen its first round strategy of initial capital-raise for the Mystic Traveler Movie Trilogy on This grand-scale project is poised to make movie history in more than one respect. For example, all three films will be shot concurrently and premier within the same year. According to French, “Mystic Traveler will create many firsts in movie-making history through cutting-edge technologies in film making and innovation in film marketing.”

Indiegogo is a major player in the emerging crowd sourcing market. Founded in 2008, the website helps small to large projects raise funds through its marketing service. Indiegogo gives artists a set span of days to raise funds. Enthios’ initial campaign has a 40-day fundraising window. Contributions start at $1, providing a way for people of all means and beliefs to be a part of movie-making history. According to Ziegler, “Success of these campaigns is based, in part, on “traffic hits” on the Indiegogo page, and sharing the project through social media, which enhance visibility on the Indiegogo network. Even a small percentage of the 15 million people visiting Indiegogo every month provides an ample pool of supporters to ensure success for Mystic Traveler.”

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About Lachlen Paul French
CEO of Enthios Entertainment, Lachlen French, a life-long entrepreneur, is Executive Producer, worldwide author, and screenwriter of the high-concept sci-fi historical and futurist epics, Aquarian Effect and the hero-story epic trilogy on the lost years of Jesus’ life, Mystic Traveler. His books, Darwin's Fatal Admission, The Gospel According to Thomas (a #1 on Amazon), Breath of Light, Splendorous Light Within, and Final Words on Existence (Well Almost), are available in book stores worldwide or online (Barnes & Nobel, Amazon, and other online book sellers). Lachlen French’s books and screenplays have the interesting quality of being not only thrilling science, but also as being deeply spiritual--offering depth in fascinating cosmic depictions within the macro and the micro strata. Blending quantum physics and metaphysics with mastery, he shows how both areas of thought elevate our awareness. Like the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings trilogies, in his epic Mystic Traveler audiences will be bathed in archetypal mysteries of storytelling, which traditionally have given birth to the most popular film stories and sequels.

About David Ziegler
Executive Producer and Executive Vice President of Enthios Entertainment, David Ziegler founded his full-service finance, marketing and communications firm, the Solutions Group, in 1981. The company evolved into a group of 250 results-oriented professional consultants and specialists that provided a full range of financial, marketing and communication solutions and services to industry leaders and developmental stage firms globally. With its interrelated three disciplines, the company specialized in financial solutions, including business and strategic development plans, corporate structuring and initial public offerings (IPO), private placements, mezzanine financing, international finance, reverse mergers, and mergers and acquisitions, as well as investment syndication, wholesaling, investor relations and financial public relations.

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