Texas Nameplate Company Announces the Automated Substrate/Paint Stripper

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The iScrubber™ Process is Innovative and Revolutionary

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The iScrubber™ is the centerpiece of the innovative process that has the potential to transform the nameplate industry.

Texas Nameplate Company, working with Standard Controls, a local controls and fabrication company, has successfully designed and developed an automated substrate (paint) stripping process, marking one of the biggest technological advancements in the history of the industry. The patent-pending iScrubber™ substrate cleaning system is cost-effective, safe, environmentally friendly, and efficient. Most importantly, the iScrubber™ cleaning system produces a higher-quality product for customers.

Removing resist/mask used to be a labor-intensive process that could be dangerous to employees, harmful to the environment, and inefficient due to human error. The “closed system” used in the iScrubber™ process relieves these issues by safely removing resist, then rinsing and drying the sheets of metal in one quick pass. The results are perfectly clean sheets, little to no VOCs, recyclable solvent, and the near elimination of personal protection gear.

Texas Nameplate Company calculates that the iScrubber's™ return on investment is only three years. This is accomplished by reducing labor costs by 65%, reducing solvent expense by 95%, and rag expenses completely. The iScrubber™ cleaning system also allows the company to take on more business, as it is capable of producing an average of 100 to 250 sheets per hour, compared to 250 per day before the iScrubber™.

Though initially designed to meet Texas Nameplate’s goals, Mr. Crownover sees the potential for the iScrubber™ process to transform how several industries process substrates:

“The iScrubber™ is the centerpiece of the innovative process that has the potential to transform the nameplate industry," President and CEO, Dale Crownover said, "I'm proud of our company for taking the initiative, risks, and investment necessary to make this a reality. We are excited to share this new innovative process and its benefits with our industry, as well as explore how it can be used in other fields, such as pharmaceutical and circuit board manufacturing. I look forward to discussing partnership opportunities that would make this process more available to the marketplace."

To see the iScrubber™ substrate cleaning system at work, click here: WATCH VIDEO


Texas Nameplate Company (TNC) is a customer-oriented, family-owned nameplate and label manufacturer located in Dallas, Texas. Since 1946, TNC has provided original equipment manufacturers and companies in the oil, gas, energy and safety industries, as well as countless others, with high quality nameplates, identification tags, custom labels and other industrial goods. TNC has twice been recognized as a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipient, as both the smallest business to receive the award and first small business to be honored twice. For more information on Texas Nameplate Company, please visit http://www.nameplate.com.

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