Narconon International Releases New Club Drug Educational Materials

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Narconon offers new materials to educate the public on the dangers of ketamine use — addiction, illness and even death.

10 Facts About Ketamine Booklet

10 Facts About Ketamine Booklet

We prepared this booklet especially for our many friends in Asia, as well as others, to help educate people on the ketamine dangers of illness, pain and harm.

Parents know about the most common drugs abused by young people, drugs like marijuana, prescription painkillers and alcohol. They may not be as familiar with some of the dangerous drugs youth use at nightclubs, music festivals and parties. To help parents keep up with these other threats, Narconon International has just published a new educational booklet on the drug ketamine. The new booklet is named 10 Things about Ketamine – What Your Friends May Not Know, What Your Drug Dealer Won't Tell You.

Ketamine is referred to as a "dissociative anesthetic." While it has very limited uses on humans, it is frequently used as a veterinary anesthetic. Too many humans became agitated and panicky when they came out from under this anesthetic so most human uses were discontinued.

A dissociative drug separates a person from his own thoughts, his own identity. At very high doses of this drug, a user descends into what is colloquially called the "k-hole" – a condition where a person is completely divorced from his body and surroundings. At the same time, this drug may be eating away at a person's body, causing damage that can result in surgery or even death.

"While America has a problem with too many young people abusing this drug, larger problems exist in Europe and Asia," said Clark Carr, president of Narconon International in Los Angeles. Narconon is a worldwide network of non-profit drug rehabilitation and prevention centers. "In some parts of Asia, this is one of the top drugs being abused. In Taiwan, it is often used together with Ecstasy when young people go to the many Taipei nightclubs."

But this combination of ketamine and Ecstasy is dangerous. Ketamine eats away at the user's bladder, meaning that he may start urinating large blood clots and suffering incapacitating pain. A chronic user may even have to have a damaged bladder removed or go through a kidney transplant. Kidney failure can kill a ketamine user if medical care is not received in time.

"We prepared this booklet especially for our many friends in Asia, as well as others, to help educate people on the ketamine dangers of illness, pain and harm," said Carr. "But on any continent, we hope that this information may help anyone who might consider using this drug so that they can avoid the predictable harmful results. Parents can get a greater understanding so they can help persuade their children to stay away from this terrible drug."

Narconon offers the ketamine booklet as a free download on their website. It can be found here:

For more information on this or other drugs, or to find recovery for addiction, call Narconon at 1-800-775-8750.

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