National Cellular Directory Launches “Erase Yourself From The Web” Service

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Erase Yourself From The Web is a free service that helps remove people's personal information from the different phone lookup and people search websites on the Internet.

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Erase Yourself From The Web

Erase Yourself From The Web service saves you time by removing your personal information from multiple people search websites.

Trying to protect personal information (such as cell phone numbers, home phone numbers, address, relatives, etc.) is becoming very difficult these days. The Internet is making it too easy for people to find and display personal data on their websites. Many of these websites are essentially data brokers who get their data from other sources (mostly public records) and then present this information to anybody who is willing to pay for it. What they are doing is not illegal because the data they are displaying comes from records that are available to the public for anyone to see. These websites are the conduit between the data source (public records) and the consumer. They get, organize, and optimize the data in order to present it to the consumer with accuracy and performance. Consumers want accurate data and they want it now.

So how does one prevent their information from being displayed on these websites? Good question. If the user does not want their personal data displayed then they will need to "opt-out" or get their data removed from these websites. This is more difficult than one would think because each website has a different method for getting personal information removed. Some websites simply just need an email to delete information while others make a user mail in proof of identity before they will remove your data. So, if a user wanted their personal information removed from ALL of the different people search websites then they would need to find the websites, research what steps you need to do in order to get your information removed for each website, and then execute those steps. Since there are tens of hundreds of these people search websites, this could be very time consuming.

The new "Erase Yourself From the Web" service at the National Cellular Directory makes this process much easier and there is no charge to use it as it is a free service. If a user wants their data removed from the major people search websites, all they need to do is simply fill out the "Erase Yourself From the Web" form and their data will be removed from the websites in the list and if they are unable to remove the information they will send an email with the steps that the user needs to take to get the data removed for each website. This new service at the National Cellular Directory does the first two steps for the user - they locate the major people search websites and research the steps that need to be taken to remove the information for each website. So all a user has to do is submit their data and then execute the steps provided.

Personal data is a very serious issue and with new people search websites being created every day, this will continue to become a major problem. The National Cellular Directory is helping consumers by making it easy to get this data removed with the new free "Erase Yourself From The Web" service.

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