Hair Spies Can Help Prevent Head Lice During Spring Break

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There's no true season for head lice, but there is usually an outbreak after vacations. With spring break right around the corner, Hair Spies offers advice for preventing head lice.

There is no true season for head lice, but outbreaks typically occur after vacations or breaks from school. This year, Hair Spies, Inc. a professional head lice removal salon, is ready with advice to help you prevent a head lice infestation.

Hair Spies' first suggestion is to have your own lice comb. Combing through the hair is the most effective way to screen for head lice. Lice combs should have long slim metal teeth that are close together. These combs need to be very fine in order to trap the head lice which are smaller than sesame seeds. In order to run this type of comb through the hair, you will need to apply generous amounts of water and we recommend a cream conditioner. Check at the nape of the neck, behind the ears, and crown of the head. Also try running the comb through all the hair from the forehead to the nape of the neck. In order to trap the lice, the comb should touching the scalp at all times.

As a preventive measure, Hair Spies recommends wearing your hair up at all times. This minimizes the opportunity for hair to hair contact with other people. Hair to hair contact is the number one way that head lice is spread. Hair Spies also recommends daily use of an herbal leave-in conditioner spray. These sprays can double as detanglers and head lice repellant. To be effective in helping you avoid head lice, look for products with tea tree oil and rosemary.

Good luck this season, and remember, the best way to avoid head lice is to wear your hair up, and use an herbal leave in conditioner.

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Hair Spies is the only head lice removal salon in San Mateo. They offer the safest options in natural lice treatments for head lice using organic, non-toxic products. A visit to Hair Spies allows clients to relax in the comfort of a private lice removal salon with a trained staff. They strive to keep an open, friendly atmosphere by keeping children entertained with toys, books and DVDs while parents can check their email during their child’s treatment using the free WiFi service. Any questions about getting rid of lice – from their natural lice treatment process to their organic lice removal products – will be answered by the very knowledgeable staff. Call (650)340-9000 to make an appointment.

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