Long-Term Impact Factor of Dr. Scabies in Overall Treatment Success Rate

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Dr. Scabies® successfully re-created the treatment approach for scabies in ways that pharmaceutical products cannot attain. In the first quarter of fiscal 2014, Dr. Scabies® contributed 8% of treatment success to the global campaign for eradicating scabies.

scabies infestation infographic

Scabies Infographic

Say yes to Dr. Scabies® as the ultimate choice for scabies treatment

Dr. Scabies® has helped its clients address a variety of challenges related to treatment and management of scabies, from high-level questions to very detailed, ever-evolving needs. Without knowledge, scabies can be very terrifying to the affected individual and the entire household. Improved understanding of the cause and development of scabies has aided Dr. Scabies® in the advancement of treating the susceptible populations. Dr. Scabies® knows that the role of the big player is to expand the reach, share knowledge and expertise and produce phenomenal results.

Taking into consideration the increased number of reported incidents of life-threatening drug effects and treatment failures, Dr. Scabies® successfully re-created the treatment approach for scabies in ways that pharmaceutical products cannot attain. In the first quarter of fiscal 2014, Dr. Scabies® contributed 8% of scabies treatment success to the global campaign for eradicating scabies. On the second quarter, Dr. Scabies® produced 12% contribution and to sustain the momentum and achieve higher success rate for third quarter, Dr. Scabies® launched a Risk-Free Trial Program with the goal of increasing the rate of positive treatment outcome.

Evidence-based decision making in Prevention and Control is currently what drives these products to produce massive results however, it still need to create a more significant impact on the success rate. According to World Health Organization (WHO), “Scabies globally affects more than 130 million people at any time. Rates of scabies occurrence vary in the recent literature from 0.3% to 46%. In the developed world, outbreaks in health institutions and vulnerable communities contribute to significant economic cost in national health services.” There were no full reports generated as to whether the cases are properly treated and data are effectively managed and used in targeting and using interventions.

The substantial number of reported cases is definitely alarming that is why Dr. Scabies® focused on scabies which has been listed as one of the “Neglected diseases” that are endemic among low-income population in developing countries in which cost-effective treatment do not exist and where large-scale use of safe and effective treatment is limited. These are the obvious challenges that need to be conquered: difficulty in conducting diagnosis, treatment and follow up due to financial constraints, poor understanding of the nature of disease, people affected often live in remote rural areas with limited access to diagnosis and treatment.

In a typical scabies outbreak, the community catalyzes the sequence of events – from transmission to propagation of scabies, and the people’s actions and behavior are major contributing factors of the disease. Scabies is closely associated with human inhabitance, and the way people manage their surroundings influences scabies mites breeding and transmission. In addition, the treatment-seeking behavior of people also plays a role in the transmission and incidence of disease in the community. Therefore, Dr. Scabies® help communities to improve their activities and behavior in relation to scabies control and self-protection through effective health education through phone, chat and email support.

In order for Dr. Scabies® to share these burden, the formulators constantly seek ways on how to get Dr. Scabies® products land in each household affected with scabies. In desolate places where resources are lacking or completely non-existent, it is of utmost importance to treat scabies in one shot as it can be financially-challenging and psychologically draining to experiment on treatment modalities that do not work. The Dr. Scabies® Risk-Free Trial program allows patients to try it with confidence and only harbor positive results. Primary management of affected individuals involves application of all three Dr. Scabies® products and it is mandatory to treat the household at the same time as the symptomatic individual.

It is true that scabies do not pose immediate threat but the isolation, suffering and impaired body perception it comes with it are definitely unwarranted. The following factors contribute hugely to successful control – involvement and motivation, education, close follow-up, and prompt treatment of new case. What Dr. Scabies® gives to scabies-afflicted individuals and families are not just mere relief and treatment but actually a new lease on life.

About Dr. Scabies®
Dr. Scabies® is an all-natural brand of products that have specific formulation to achieve optimum results while establishing high margin of safety among consumers regardless of age, gender and socio-economic status. Dr. Scabies® only uses plant-based and naturally-derived ingredients that have high-grade quality and compliant with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) compendium so it is safe for personal daily treatment and environment. Dr. Scabies® pride itself as consumer-friendly brand for its experience in managing and treating scabies, proven systems, and all out support in providing safe and sound treatment advice.

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