Wake Up! July Is National Anti-Boredom Month and Tees For Your Head Presents Geeky Tees that Prevent Boredom

With so many wonders to explore, both internal and external, how in the world can anyone be bored?

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Geeky physics t-shirt Max Planck from Tees For Your Head

Physics T-Shirt Featuring Physicist Max Planck

Relationships between people are a mystery of the universe rivaling that of quantum physics, so helping relationships develop via the science of t-shirts is a service to humanity that Tees For Your Head is happy to provide.

Santa Cruz, CA (PRWEB) July 01, 2013

Begin by perusing the list of tees created by Tees For Your Head: it causes a type of head spinning that medical science has not yet named, but it's similar to the vertigo-ish feeling of leaning over a high cliff.

Perusers can feel the wind whooshing past their ears as they switch topics rapidly, from the father of quantum physics, to UFOs and their relationship to bovines, to Spanish-speaking zombies, to sly references to websites that feature cute photos of cats, and lastly to optical illusions.

When a physics geek wears the t-shirt celebrating Max Planck (the father of quantum physics, of course), the people who get the joke right away are the right people for that geek to know. Perhaps discussing this t-shirt helps them meet each other and eventually form a friendship. Relationships between people are a mystery of the universe rivaling that of quantum physics, and helping relationships develop via the science of t-shirts is a service to humanity that Tees For Your Head is happy to provide.

Relationships are also an excellent tool to avoid boredom: the resulting personal growth opportunities (could that be a euphemism?) to learn compassion, patience, and good judgment are anything but boring. Wear a geeky t-shirt, meet someone, have a relationship of any flavor, and avoid boredom.

The second suggestion for boredom avoidance is the riff on the Keep Calm tee, with the brand new Keep Calm But Watch the Skies t-shirt that's perfect for anyone who spends time contemplating the odds of humans being the only sentient creatures in this universe, where we inhabit the teeniest, tiniest, most miniscule piece of real estate. It's another topic entirely, but the many studies revealing social organization in animals mean that perhaps we don't have to rely on SETI to find sentient beings. Paging Dr. Dolitttle!

See? At least four topics are suggested by the Keep Calm But Watch the Skies tee that could result in a lifetime of interesting work: the engineering of flying machines, and/or any peripherals such as tractor beams; astrophysics to study the cosmos; studies of Earth-based animals; and to head into the realm of the cultural, the study of, creation of, or performance of musical theater a la Dr. Dolittle, or the writing of the books that spawn the musicals.

Boredom? Impossible!

If studying the real world isn't the right fit, there's always the world of make-believe. (Please don't take it too hard if this is news: zombies are not real. But they're really fun to imagine.)

For those who love the zombie, Cuidado is a t-shirt that adds another layer of geekery by appearing in Spanish. The memory aid for how to pronounce "zombie" in Spanish is simple: recall the Mexican town of Xochimilco, and it's simple.

The next offering for Anti-Boredom Month, the Je Ne Sais Quoi t-shirt is adorable on little kids. What small child doesn't have "that certain something"? Tees For Your Head designer Karin Carter says that "I enjoy playing around with languages, and I sometimes read the LOLcats site. The juxtaposition of elegant French and fun, made-up spelling from the interwebs was irresistible. I love chihuahuas named Brutus for the same kind of silly mismatch." Picture this t-shirt on a girl carrying a science text book while wearing a tutu and high-top tennis shoes: perfection.

Lastly, what could be more anti-boring than optical illusions? They make people look twice and intrigue the brain because they're literally incomprehensible. They just don't make sense, like this Devil's Triangle Sky View optical illusion t-shirt, which twists the triangle in impossible ways. Enjoy the peep of Magritte's style in the sky view, too.

Now really, who even has the time to be bored?

About Tees For Your Head

The online home of geeky t-shirts for lovers of the arts and sciences was launched in 2012. Husband and wife team Tom Bates and Karin Carter have an arts and science background and create their own designs to appeal to the geeks of the world. Santa Cruz tee shirt designs are in the works for this Santa Cruz-based business.

By the way, Tees For Your Head shirts are worn on the body, not really on the head. Just a helpful hint.

Find their unique and nutty tees at http://www.teesforyourhead.com online now.


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Graphic t-shirt Je Ne Sais Quoi from Tees For Your Head Je Ne Sais Quoi

It's that certain something. Really, that's what the t-shirt says (who's on first?). It's a mash-up, though, with a pop culture reference, too.

photo of geeky t-shirt optical illusion Devil's Triangle from t-shirt company Tees For Your Head Closeup View of Devil's Triangle Sky View Tee

Also called the Impossible Triangle, this optical illusion makes people do a double take.

Geeky graphic t-shirt Keep Calm But Watch the Skies from Tees For Your Head Keep Calm But Watch the Skies T-Shirt

Big guys, we've got you covered. Our shirts run from toddler (for most designs) to 6XL. Get your geek on.

Geeky graphic zombie t-shirt Cuidado Xombis from Tees For Your Head Cuidado, the Multilingual Zombie T-Shirt

How do you say zombie in Spanish? ZOHmbee. You're speaking Spanish. Now run!