Patent-Pending NeuroCue Software Hatches New Personal Development Marketplace Based Off Cutting-Edge Science of Neuroplasticity

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Patent-pending NeuroCue software hatches new personal development marketplace based off cutting-edge science of Neuroplasticity.

What makes our service truly incredible is this marriage between the science of neuroplasticity and mobile technology.

Dateline—NeuroCue, a publishing platform and mobile application based off of recent discoveries in neuroscience will provide users with interactive content from coaches, healthcare experts, business leaders and authors. Engaging and highly focused stimulus-response multimedia sessions form the core of each NeuroCue module, and all modules are configured with integrated calendar and notification tools.

NeuroCue uses targeted, bite-sized stimulus-response sessions of sixty seconds or less, and each session is spaced an hour apart—an approach to learning proven highly effective in affecting the brain’s natural process of neuroplasticity. As a relatively new and rapidly growing field of research, Neuroplasticity caught the attention of the scientific community when it was discovered that neurons, formerly thought to be irreplaceable, are in fact created as old neurons die off. Therefore, the brain's physical architecture changes and adapts to current circumstances.

The implications of a dynamic brain are profound. Neuroplasticity demonstrates that the physical infrastructure of the brain—the default pathways that make up our habits and abilities—is not set in stone, and with the right amount of focused stimulus the pathways can be changed. This in turn could help eliminate self-defeating habits, improve self-confidence, acquire skills faster and retain skills longer.

"We are the first platform to really harness the power of this new concept of neuroplasticity in this capacity," said Jesse Robbins, CEO of NeuroCue. "But what makes our service truly incredible is this marriage between the actual science of neuroplasticity and mobile technology. Mobile is a key component—it gets people using NeuroCue wherever they are and whenever it’s convenient. That makes our phones the perfect engagement tool to affect long-lasting change, simply by using the proven and effective spaced repetition and stimulus response conditioning methods to initiate the brain’s natural predisposition for neuroplasticity."

As a publishing platform, NeuroCue has focused on developing relationships with authors, coaches and experts that will provide the core content for the app. As new content providers are added, the company will be able to expand the service to more subsets in the growing personal development marketplace. The company is currently in the process of signing on authors, coaches and experts in fields ranging from self-help to business to healthcare. To promote the platform, NeuroCue will soon launch a KickStarter campaign with deep discounts for early supporters.

"NeuroCue has already had some well-regarded names step forward and ask to be part of the platform," said Robbins, "That is great news for our company, but it’s even better news for anyone looking to improve their life and break with the habits that are holding them back."

About NeuroCue:

NeuroCue, a company owned and operated by Jesse Robbins, specializes in combining technology with personal development. The enterprise is the sole owner of the NeuroCue mobile application, a platform based off of the recent scientific findings of Neuroplasticity and its effect on learning and habit formation. The company is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee.

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