New York Client Solutions Roll Out Energy Efficiency Policy

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Green seems to be the new trend. Colin Moore has implemented an energy efficiency policy for New York Client Solutions and encourages other small businesses to consider the environment and join him on the green path.

New York Client Solutions
All of us need to take responsibility for the environment we live in.

Businesses see more and more benefits in going green. In fact, 61% of small businesses were trying to go greener in 2012, while 70% anticipated going green over the next two years, according to an Office Depot tracking poll ( “Going green has become so much more than switching off the light or saving water,” says Colin Moore, managing director of New York Client Solutions. Lauren Kelley Koopman, director for PwC’s Sustainable Business Solutions, explains: “Sustainability is next-generation business thinking because it creates value, attracts customers, retains employees and improves capital and funding” ( Across the country, companies from different industries get engaged in green thinking and activities. “Going green attracts customers which results in a higher revenue,” says Colin Moore.

About New York Client Solutions:

The company Enviro-Log for example, launched in 2004 near Albany, Georgia, manufactures fire logs made from the waxed cardboard boxes that transport produce. Using food-grade safe as wax makes the logs burn cleaner than wood by emitting 30% less greenhouse gases, 80% less carbon dioxide and 86% less creosote, while producing 50% more heat per pound ( “This example shows the multiple benefits of considering the planet. Enviro-Log has found a cost-effective way to increase its return on investment by going green,” explains Colin Moore at New York Client Solutions. “In addition to that, more and more customers start getting excited if a company shows green engagement and are more likely to choose them ahead of competitors for ethical reasons,” continues Colin Moore.

Another great example is online social responsibility news site Mother Nature Network (MNN), a company with its headquarters in Atlanta. MNN has reeled $6 million in 2012, averaging 4 million unique visitors per month. It looks like the figures could double by the end of this year. “...interest in green has grown... We are focused on the responsible consumer market that is connected by a set of shared values,” says co-founder Joel Babbit (

New York Client Solutions, an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Manhattan, New York, has recognised the value of going green and introduced an energy efficiency policy which includes recycling processes and a commitment to purchase non-polluting and energy efficient technologies wherever possible. “By setting our own standards and targets within our work environment, we hope to see some of the good practices rollover to our suppliers and employees,” says Colin Moore. “All of us need to take responsibility for the environment we live in.” By implementing such policy, New York Client Solutions have recorded lower energy consumption and bills. Furthermore, the company is seen as a more ethical brand by their customers according to recent feedback.

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