New Technology, GN Vacuum Vibrating Screen for Dewatering

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GN Developed the industrial vibrating screen and launched online. GN vibrating screen is classified according to the feeding sludge condition and screen panel used. Among different types vibrating screens, the vacuum vibrating screen is a combination of vibrating screen and vacuum device. It separates the solid and liquid by both vibration force and vacuum suction function to increase the liquid recovery efficiency dramatically.

GN Vacuum Vibrating Screen

Vaccum Vibrating Screen

Traditional vibrating screen only has the vibrating separation function. GN new technology vacuum vibrating screen is a combination of vibrating separation and vacuum separation. The new combined machine improves the dewatering efficiency dramatically.

GN Vacuum Vibrating Screen to Increase Dewatering Efficiency
The purpose of using the dewatering vibrating screen is to separate the solid and liquid. In normal condition, the separated solids and liquid will be further treated or used for other application directly. Thus the drier the slag discharged from the vibrating screen, the more liquid will be recovered. In order to increase the recovery efficiency of the liquid, GN developed the vacuum vibrating screen that is a combination of vibrating screen and vacuum unit. By installing a collecting hopper under the last screen of the machine and connecting it to vacuum device to form a certain frequency of vacuum suction on the screen surface with pulsating airflow, the vacuum vibrating screen achieves double separation by vibration and vacuum suction. It increases the recovery efficiency of liquid and reduces the liquid content on discharged solids.

GN Vacuum Vibrating Screen Components
1. Vibrating Screen;
2. Vacuum collecting Hopper;
3. Vacuum Device.

GN vacuum device can be connected to maximum 3 units vibrating screens. It matches with GN single-layer high frequency vibrating screen, tandem deck vibrating screen and parallel deck vibrating screen, etc.

A. No.1 Vibrating Screen connecting pipe;
B. No. 2 Vibrating Screen connecting pipe;
C, No. 3 Vibrating Screen connecting pipe;
D. Air Inlet of Vacuum Device

Typical Application of GN Vacuum Vibrating Screen
GN vacuum vibrating screen is often used for drilling mud dewatering. In the drilling industry, the vibrating screen is also called shale shaker . It is used to remove the cuttings in drilling mud to make the mud reusable. The vacuum vibrating screen can greatly increase mud recovery and reduce drilling waste discharge, which is cost saving for driller and environmental friendly operation.

Beside Vacuum dewatering vibrating screen, GN also provides traditional industrial vibrating screen for other application. Industrial vibrating screen is one of GN main series products. It is widely used as dewatering vibrating screen or classifying vibrating screen in environmental protection industry, mining industry, petroleum industry, construction industry and chemical industries, etc. The screen deck is connected with the equipment base via vibrating springs. With the exciting force generated by the vibrator eccentric block during the rotation, the screen deck vibrates along a certain track that is also called vibration mode. GN Industrial Vibrating Screen can achieve linear vibration mode and elliptical vibration mode through different design. According to working condition and customer requirements, GN launched the vibrating screen of following design: High Frequency Vibrating Screen, Tandem Deck Vibrating Screen, Parallel Deck Vibrating Screen and Vacuum Vibrating Screen. In order to get the better separation performance and prevent the screen blocking, GN always recommends the high frequency vibrating screen. GN is able to provide screens with different openings and different materials to meet the requirements of solid-liquid wet screening and solid particle dry screening.

GN Vibrating Screen for Sludge Dewatering Application
GN is known as a solution provider of solid-liquid separation or sludge dewatering. Therefore, GN vibrating screen is mostly applied for sludge dewatering. Besides the vibrating screen, GN has some other sludge dewatering equipment like the decanter centrifuge and the screw press unit. In some sludge dewatering project, the solid size distribution ranges from microns to centimeters. The dewatering vibrating screen is always used as the primary separation equipment for coarse solids removing. Normally, to protect the subsequent separation equipment, a dewater vibrating screen for fine solids separation will be installed after the primary vibrating screen to form a step by step sludge dewatering process. According to different type sludge and solids size, GN is able to provide the screens with different openings and materials like wedge wire screen panel, polyurethane screen panel and stainless steel wire mesh screens.    

For more information on the vacuum vibrating screen, please feel free to contact with GN Separation. You can find our contact on GN official website www(dot)gnseparation(dot)com.

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