New York Screening of Critically Acclaimed Film Documentary Series, "Trauma To Triumph -The Rise of the Entrepreneur," A Resounding Success at Manhattan's Legendary 92Y

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"Trauma To Triumph -The Rise of the Entrepreneur" is a new documentary series about real-life trauma survivors who channeled their pain into victory through the power of entrepreneurship. The documentary series was produced by Nan and Harold Klein of TeleTime Video. This award-winning series will be aired on PBS stations nationwide and the WORLD Channel.

Congratulations to Harold and Nan on producing a deeply affecting documentary series with a message that needs to be heard. I learned that entrepreneurship is not only about realizing a dream, but also about overcoming a nightmare.' ~Eric Schurenberg, CEO, Inc. and Fast Company

The 92Y was the location for the New York screening of the new documentary film series, "Trauma To Triumph -The Rise of the Entrepreneur," produced by Nan and Harold Klein of TeleTime Video. The screening took place on Sunday, October 24th, 2021, to a packed house. Following the screening, a dynamic panel discussion was led by Eric Schurenberg, CEO of Mansueto Ventures, parent of Inc. and Fast Company. Panelists included: Nancy Preston, founder of Milk Money Kitchens; Rabbi Bachman on behalf of the Blue Card; Mark Solasz, son of Sam Solasz, one of the protagonists of the documentary, Vice President of Master Purveyors; Tova Friedman, practicing therapist and the youngest survivor of Auschwitz; and Loree Sutton, former Commissioner of NYC Department of Veteran’s Services.

Testimonials from viewers who attended the New York screening, as well as those who tuned-in to the livestream, are included below:

"Congratulations to Harold and Nan on producing a deeply affecting documentary series with a message that needs to be heard. I learned that entrepreneurship is not only about realizing a dream, but also about overcoming a nightmare." ~Eric Schurenberg, CEO, Inc. and Fast Company

"Sam Solasz, William Vandergriff, and others profiled in the series, define the heroism, the values, and the determination that defines the American spirit, and for many, the American dream. The story of Sam and his family will touch many, and we all owe a depth of gratitude to those in military service who sacrifice so much for each of us. Every member of this production, and the panelists who followed, are living examples of visionary leadership and transformational change. BRAVO and BRAVA!" ~Anne Akers, health and wellness entrepreneur, veterans advocate (Recipient SMART CEO BRAVA Award for Entrepreneurial Service)

"Truly was a profound experience! I founded the Women's Entrepreneurship Day Organization in 2013 because when women are elevated financially, communities, states, and countries prosper. This documentary remarkably tells the stories of resilience as the key to entrepreneurship. Everyone needs to tune into the PBS stations in the months ahead to watch this gem of a documentary well-positioned to inspire all to believe in their dreams!" ~Wendy Diamond, founder/CEO Women's Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO)/LDP Ventures/Animal Fair Media, Inc.

"Wow: such a well-done event. Sam was such an incredible and strong man, with the most amazing story of resilience. One could see his sadness as well as his strength in his eyes. Congratulations to all involved." ~Alison Rand, author of 'A Place Called Grace.'

"Alissa and I watched online. We were riveted to the screen. Congratulations! With so many essential lessons, this documentary should be in all schools!" ~John Lobell, author, professor of Architecture, Pratt Institute

"It was a powerful and compelling hour that served as an argument for hope even in the face of the most unspeakable horrors. A firm reminder that in our own lives we should not be overwhelmed by the tragedies of our past. Instead we should take inspiration from the triumphs of the two individuals featured in this film as we yearn to move forward in our chosen business and personal lives." ~Henry Watkins, senior director of development, Cav International TV

"It was a wonderful film and powerful discussion." ~Dr. Barry Holzer, psychiatrist

"The documentary and following program were outstanding! It touched on a spiritual and emotional level." ~Chanie Holzer, clinical social worker

"Wow. Am speechless. As a two-time Vietnam vet, this video had a profound impact on old Clint. God bless those who found fulfillment from entrepreneurial activity and its focus to help with PTSD. Never had thought of this aspect. Will go back to my mission with a renewed sense of purpose after viewing this documentary. Your choice of video was unique. I know many cohorts who died 'in-country' and spent a difficult life because of Vietnam. Boy, did you choose a close-to-home example of what entrepreneurship can accomplish." ~Clint E. Day, veteran and founder, Entrepreneur Resource Institute

"Your documentary was very moving and we hope that many of our NACCE members take advantage of using the EDU experience in their classroom." ~Leah Deppert, director of marketing, National Association of Community Colleges for Entrepreneurship (NACCE)

About the "Trauma To Triumph" documentary film series:

This award-winning series will be aired on PBS stations nationwide and the WORLD Channel.

This documentary series profiles individuals that encountered the harshest of life’s trials and emerged through the spirit of entrepreneurship. A most unique approach in exploring entrepreneurial behavior in an emotional, inspiring, and empowering manner.

Featured at the 92Y is the “Survivors of War,” episode sharing the remarkable stories of; Sam Solasz, a Holocaust Survivor who lost everyone and everything. Sam came to America and built a wildly successful family business. Even the mob couldn’t stop him. Also featured, William Vandergriff, a Native-American who volunteered for Vietnam as a Marine. While suffering from PTSD, alcoholism, and devastating family challenges, he built a casket for his own burial. That resulted in creating a casket company.

Eric Schurenberg CEO of Mansueto Ventures/ Inc. and Fast Company Media led a probing discussion with: Tova Friedman the youngest Auschwitz survivor and a practicing therapist, Sam's Son, Mark Solasz the Vice President of the company he and his brother helped his father build. Providing insights from a veteran's and entrepreneurial point of view were Nancy Preston, a West Point graduate, served in Iraq and founded Milk Money Kitchens which offers facility and business services to food startups in NY, and Loree Sutton who served as a Brigadier General in the United States Army and was the highest-ranking psychiatrist. Loree is also the former Commissioner of NYC Dept. of Veteran’s Services.

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