Newark NJ Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches New Intervention Program

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When a person is so wrapped up in his or her drug addiction, it can be difficult to have him or her see how much pain is being produced among family and friends. For a free consultation, call 862-772-8570.

Newark NJ Alcohol Drug Rehab is launching a new intervention program for individuals caught up in the ravages of drug addiction in Newark and surrounding cities.

Getting someone who is already deep into their drug addiction to see that life in and of itself is more painful than joyful can cause a lot of problems. Family members and friends stand by the wayside, watching this person go from a functioning individual that enjoys sunshine and laughter to one that does not want to go outside and simply wants more drugs. The family desperately wants to help this person out, yet even their well-meaning ways do not seem to have any effect or change on this person at all. This is where a professional interventionist can enter the picture and help.

An intervention interrupts this path in an immediate and focused way in Newark. Having an interventionist take hold of this situation is a first step toward bringing what damage has been caused by the individual to their awareness. The process starts with the interventionist and family members gathering for a meeting. This is where family and friends get a chance to share their own suffering with others, and the interventionist will know how to respond because of their professional training.

After this, intervention plans are made by choosing what type of environment and time it will take place. Interventions can occur at home or a neutral location. When the intervention takes place, family and friends get an opportunity to clearly state their emotions and feelings around what damage the addict's behaviors and attitudes have done. The addict may not like what is said. The drug addict might just leave as soon as the intervention begins. Yet some addicts will truly listen, see tears of pain rolling down the faces of people they love, and understand what their drug addiction has cost them. The interventionist will have a list of consequences ready for the addict if they decide not to enter residential treatment immediately. Those might include loss of a car, loss of job, closed credit cards, and getting kicked out of their home.

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