Next Generation Labs LLC expands TFN® non-tobacco synthetic nicotine distribution and intellectual property protection rights in USA, Europe and Asia

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NGL LLC expanding strategic partnerships and strengtheing IP enforcement efforts for TFN® synthetic nicotine in major markets

Next Generation Labs
Next Generation Labs wishes to stress, "let the buyer beware", as the Company has never authorized the manufacture of pure synthetic tobacco-free nicotine or synthetic non-tobacco-nicotine in China, utilizing its patented TFN® technology

Next Generation Labs, the developer of the patented pure synthetic nicotine sold under the TFN® brand, has expanded sales and distribution of its S, R-S and R isomer synthetic nicotine products to vape, oral smokeless and tobacco product manufacturers internationally.

With demand for authenticated synthetic nicotine growing, Next Generation Labs notes that “TFN® non-tobacco derived synthetic nicotine has increasingly become the industry benchmark for both quality and consumer acceptance in many branded nicotine alternative products in the US market, select European countries, and in emerging novel-nicotine markets in Asia.”

As a nicotine technology company, Next Generation Labs is pleased to announce “we are actively developing customized formulations of TFN® S, R-S and R isomer nicotine for vaping products, nicotine portion pouch and novel reduced risk products such as herbal non-tobacco-alternatives and heat-not-burn products."

In association with well-aligned strategic partners in key markets, “Next Generation Labs has recently expanded availability of of its isomeric TFN® nicotine formulations direct to customers, or via certified compounding and formulating companies, both in bulk diluted freebase nicotine, or in nicotine salt formulations specific to individual market or brand owner requirements”.

In China, Next Generation Labs is working closely with trusted vape device manufacturers, such as ITSUWA, to deliver authorized TFN® formulations into vape devices for sales worldwide. In the USA, America Juice Co, has become a key formulator and shipper of customized TFN® liquids to Chinese manufacturers of vape products. In India, Dholakia PVT is formulating TFN® nicotine into manufactured white label nicotine portion pouch products for customers in the USA and Europe. In South Korea, the EU and UK, Next Generation Labs is direct shipping nicotine to formulators who onward sell to brand owners in their respective markets.

As the world leader in proprietary synthetic nicotine development, Next Generation Labs “has a number of patents and proprietary processes related to the bulk manufacture of synthetic nicotine, and a method patent for the use of ratios of synthetic R-S nicotine isomers in smoking cessation products. The cessation method patent was recently licensed to Kaival Labs for the development of a potential future US FDA approved smoking cessation product. Next Generation Labs maintains all rights over its patent portfolio.”

Next Generation Labs notes that as the industry standard, "the TFN® name is being misappropriated, and despite unfounded claims from some China-based manufacturers that TFN synthetic nicotine is now widely available in China, Next Generation Labs wishes to stress," let the buyer beware", as the Company has never authorized the manufacture of pure synthetic tobacco-free nicotine or synthetic non-tobacco-nicotine in China, utilizing its patented TFN® technology. Accordingly, Next Generation Labs cautions any company or brand owner contemplating the purchase of so called synthetic TFN nicotine from China, to independently test the nicotine to ensure there are no traces of tobacco-derived components such as anabasine, anatabine, nornicotine or tobacco specific nitrosamines. If these residuals are present, all indicators would point to the nicotine as being derived from tobacco and therfore likely mislabeled as synthetic."

Further, Next Generation Labs remains intent on protecting its TFN® global intellectual property assets, and on enforcing its IP rights under international, national and local laws against infringers and marketers falsely claiming to manufacture TFN® nicotine, or falsely claiming to be using TFN® in their products.

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