Prices of NFL Stadium Rise; Top 5 Stadiums Feel the Heat. Football Fans Can Find The Best Prices at Ticket Monster, Inc.

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Football fans can now find their 2013 football tickets at Ticket Monster, Inc.

MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium

Football season is finally here. The wait is over. The anticipation can end. Unfortunately for many fans, going in person to watch their favorite team has become quite the luxury, as not only ticket prices have risen, but so have the prices of everything else. For the 2013 NFL season, ticket prices have gone up 3% from last season. With the average price of a ticket rising, as well as some cold beers, tailgating, and other costs, fans may be spending around $200 for one game. Ticket prices may have gone up 3% in one year, but they have also doubled in the past ten. Parking, beer, and other concessions have also raised about 35%, making game day, spending day. Although these prices have gone up so much, tickets at Ticket Monster will still get fans the best value for their ticket.

Fans of the following may be feeling the rise in prices more than others, as this list of 5 stadiums rank as the most expensive, as of 2011.

5.) Soldier Field. Location: Chicago. As of 2011, the Bears have a record of more than 700 wins, and are located in one of the country’s largest metropolitan areas. The stadium has a fan cost price of $557.18. Soldier Field is also one of the smallest stadiums in the NFL, which does not help in the price per fan department.

4.) MetLife Stadium. Location: New Jersey. The new New York Giants stadium is capable of holding league high 82,500 fans. This stadium is one that has raised its ticket price by 3%, and the new fan cost is $592.26. Other costs, like beer, are also among the highest in the league. Way to go New York.

3.) Gillette Stadium. Location: Massachusetts. The Patriots are absolutely one of the best teams year after year in the NFL. They are allowed to be on the pricier side. The fan cost price for this stadium is a whopping $597.26. The average price of just a ticket ranked highest in the league. But where they really get the fans are in the premium seats, which come in at $566.67. This number is almost $100 more than other stadiums. Somehow, fans are still attending, as the stadium is almost always filled. Boston fans sure are loyal.

2.) Cowboys Stadium. Location: Texas. The Cowboys are the USA’s bandwagon team, with what their cheerleaders, stadium, and overall image that they have made for themselves. The cost per fan here comes in at $613.80, shockingly not the highest. The average price of a ticket here is the second most in the league, at $110.20. Although food and drinks are certainly high at Cowboys stadium, it is the parking that will get fans. It cost $75 to park at the stadium, about $30 more than the next expensive price. But the fans keep coming. Maybe they are hoping to see that 9th Super Bowl appearance soon, but it hasn’t looked like it lately.

1.) MetLife Stadium. Location: New Jersey. Same stadium, different prices. Yes, that was read correctly. Although the Giants and Jets share the same stadium, they mark their ticket prices quite differently. While the Giants average premium ticket price is high, the Jets average regular ticket price is $120.85. That price per ticket sets their fan cost at $682.90, making it the highest in the league. This number is far more than other teams, and nearly double some. Somehow the Jets pull this off, so well done Jets, well done.

Average ticket prices for NFL games these days are rising by the year, and do not seem to be stopping. Nonetheless, fans keep going and continue to fill the stadium, so the stadium prices continue to price. All stadium prices rise, but those top 5 definitely are getting the brunt of it. To find a reasonable price for an NFL game, check out Ticket Monster, INC. does not raise its prices like the teams do, and will not ever charge fans a service fee. Ticket Monster can not only help fans get great prices on all NFL games, but the site is a great place to catch up on the latest news, watch a video, or read the daily blog. Visit to avoid rising ticket prices and to get the ultimate fan experience.

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