Internet Marketing Firm Infinite Communications Demonstrates Medical Niche Marketing with Newly Published Case Study

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New case study shows how niche marketing gives doctors, dentists, surgeons, and other medical professionals an edge in connecting with potential new patients online.

Ali Soufi & Parham Nabatian - Internet Marketing Experts

Parham Nabatian & Ali Soufi Educating Doctors about Internet Marketing

When this strategy is applied to the medical profession, each doctor is seen as a respected authority in several aspects of care, not just one. This approach allows us to position our clients as experts in multiple areas.

Infinite Communications, a national Internet Marketing firm, utilizes new case study to show medical professional how niche marketing has helped practices gain an influx of new patients from the web. As doctors from coast to coast can attest, running a private practice while offering a superior level of patient care can be a daunting, exhausting and often frustrating process – especially when additional time and effort must be devoted to the marketing needed to attract new patients. The fact that Google – by far, the most used search engine on the World Wide Web - seems to change what’s needed for optimal results with incredible frequency makes marketing even more challenging than ever.

To achieve maximum visibility online, experts in the field of website design and Internet Strategy have long urged doctors with small or mid-sized practices to focus on niche marketing as the most cost-effective approach, as hospitals and others devote huge budgets to their own campaigns. Those advocating a niche marketing approach often urge doctors to focus on one single specialty. One flourishing firm in the Search Engine Optimization and Internet marketing field, however, has been achieving remarkable results for doctors by helping them simultaneously showcase not just one, but several specialties – a strategically designed niche marketing campaign designed to serve a range of patients in search of highly specific information.

Since 2008, Infinite Communications, Inc., an SEO and Internet Marketing firm based in Sherman Oaks, California, has maintained a reputation for providing doctors and other business owners with three, four and even five narrow-focused ways of responding to individual queries and helping their clients develop effective “long-tail” strategies that deliver measurable and impressive growth. Major online retailers like and Apple have demonstrated the wisdom of the “long-tail” approach, catering to a large number of individuals with highly specialized interests resulting in business growth exceeding what might be possible through traditional “mass marketing.” When this strategy is applied to the medical profession, each doctor is seen as a respected authority in several aspects of care, not just one. “As Google’s search algorithms change continuously, this approach allows us to position our clients as experts in multiple areas, and they’ve seen tremendous growth as a result,” says Ali Soufi, CEO of Infinite Communications.

One example of the tremendous benefits possible through this strategy of creating multiple websites and Internet marketing campaigns for an individual doctor or medical practice is the work that Infinite Communications has done on behalf of Dr. Khosroabadi, a Los Angeles based orthopedic surgeon. The firm created five separate and distinct websites and marketing campaigns for Dr. Khosroabadi, each one showcasing one of the surgeon’s specialty areas. Each specialty area also features numerous video segments on Dr. Khosroabadi’s YouTube channel, and have attracted nearly 90,000 views. In addition to the video segments, educational infographics are available for each of the five specialties, as well as easy-to-find answers to frequently asked questions. Each website targets a slightly different audience and set of keywords, and each one is also supplemented with a targeted Google Adwords campaign. One of Dr. Khosroabadi’s specialties, for example, is a new, minimally invasive technique for treating bunions.

Dr. Khosroabadi has also benefitted from the synergistic impact of traditional media combined with his online presence as television news and other shows bring attention to his various specialties and inspire many viewers to seek additional information online. A segment on the nationally syndicated television show “The Doctors,” for example, provided Dr. Khosroabadi with an opportunity to connect with nearly two million viewers, and a segment on KNBC-TV focusing on another aspect of his work was also seen by a vast audience in Los Angeles, the nation’s second largest market. The individual websites created for Dr. Khosroabadi and the fact that he appeared so prominently in natural search results were essential in persuading television producers that he was an expert in each specific niche, and the media exposure he received led a steady stream of interested patients to contact him, not just those in the Los Angeles area where his practice is based but also from locations throughout the US and internationally. Parham Nabatian, Chief Marketing Officer of Infinite Communications, notes the impressive effectiveness with which this multiple-niche campaign has helped the firm’s client connect with new patients. “Dr. Khosroabadi’s campaign generates patients from all over the country because he is seen as the expert for his various procedures, both through traditional media and through Google search results,” says Nabatian.

Infinite Communications CEO Ali Soufi and Chief Marketing Officer Parham Nabatian are available for interviews, to share their expertise on how doctors – and others – can make use of this multiple-tangent niche marketing strategy to connect with the widest possible audience. In interviews, they are available to discuss:

  • Why online niche marketing gives doctors and other business owners an edge in connecting with potential new patients or customers.
  • How to determine the ideal number of narrow-focused specialties for one practice or business to promote online.
  • How social media can be used to bring large numbers of new visitors to these websites.
  • How traditional public relations used to secure interviews and other media coverage can be beneficial in maximizing an online marketing campaign.

About Infinite Communications:

Infinite Communications, Inc. is an Internet marketing, design and public relations firm based in Sherman Oaks, California, offering those in the medical profession and other fields a wide range of services including strategic business consulting, Internet marketing, web design and development, and graphic design. The firm’s specialties include Search Engine Optimization and social media marketing.

Ali Soufi is CEO and Co-Owner of Infinite Communications, having joined the firm shortly after its creation. In serving Infinite Communications clients, Soufi draws on a wide range of experience in the online field, starting his career in the early 2000’s working on software product development and user-interface design before shifting his focus to marketing. Since that time, Soufi has played an integral role in thousands of online marketing campaigns. In addition to his expertise in these aspects of Internet development and marketing, Soufi also developed an expertise in Website Design and Development, and his colleagues call him “the Swiss Army knife” because of his breadth of knowledge and versatility in all facets of the industry. Prior to joining Infinite Communications, Soufi served as Director of Internet Marketing for an award-winning digital advertising agency. Over the years, Soufi has built a reputation as an expert and thought leader in the fields of SEO and Internet Marketing, and his efforts have generated millions of dollars for Infinite Communication's clients. Soufi holds a degree in Computer Science and Application Development.

Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Parham Nabatian established the firm in 2008, and in 2011 was recognized by The San Fernando Valley Business Journal as one of the Top 20 business leaders in their 20s. Nabatian is retained by the Valley Economic Development Center to support small businesses in branding and Internet marketing. In addition, Nabatian serves on the junior board of Communities In Schools, Los Angeles, an organization that provides human, financial and community resources for students to succeed. He is a graduate of the University of California at San Diego, with a B.A. in Communications and also holds a Certification in Marketing from the University of California at Los Angeles.

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