Nightlight Shines Light on Embryo Adoption as a Solution to Infertility

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In conjunction with National Infertility Awareness Week, Nightlight® Christian Adoptions ( announces receipt of the 1,000th application from a family choosing to donate their remaining frozen human embryos to the Snowflakes® Embryo Adoption Program. Many couples are not familiar with this unique and successful option for attaining pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions

“Many of the families who donate through the Snowflakes program do so specifically because they like the idea of playing an active role in selecting the recipient family.

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Nightlight Christian Adoptions celebrated fifty-five years as an adoption service provider in March 2014. The agency opened the premier embryo adoption program, Snowflakes in 1997. Seventeen years, 1,000 donors and 5,000 embryos donated later, it is one of the largest embryo adoption programs in the world.

The Snowflakes program follows adoption protocol when working with both donating and adopting families. Many families in the U.S. have brought babies into their lives using Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), including in vitro fertilization (IVF). Often, more embryos are created in this medical procedure than are eventually used by the family. Remaining embryos can be kept frozen indefinitely, destroyed, donated to science or donated to another couple. Embryo adoption ( allows the donor family to choose who will receive their embryo gift.

According to Kimberly Tyson, Marketing and Program Director, “Many of the families who donate through the Snowflakes program do so specifically because they like the idea of playing an active role in selecting the recipient family. There are a number of fertility clinics in the U.S. that have embryo donation programs, but the donations are generally made anonymously. We’re all about choice in our society. It’s nice for families to have options regarding how they will donate their embryos.”

In 2014 the Snowflakes program will also be celebrating the birth of the 400th baby born to a family participating in this exciting adoption choice that allows a woman to experience pregnancy and childbirth.

Adopting couples may use their selected fertility clinic for their frozen embryo transfer (FET) procedure. Snowflakes staff have worked with over 250 fertility clinics, both national and international.

Because of its experience, knowledge and success in offering embryo adoption services, Nightlight has been the recipient of federal funding to be specifically used in raising awareness about embryo donation and adoption. There are now more than 620,000 embryos in frozen storage in the U.S. and that figures grows at about 4% per year.

“Given that this is National Infertility Awareness Week, we think it’s important for couples to know this option is available for them. Many medical professionals are still learning about this program. It is certainly an economical option for those considering ART – especially if the couple is considering the purchase of donor human eggs. In addition, many clinic embryo donation programs have long waiting lists for patients interested in using donated embryos. The Snowflakes program has donated embryos waiting for families,” said Ms. Tyson.

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