Scientel to Present GENSONIX® NoSQL All Big Data Management DB at NoSQL Now! 2013 Conference

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NoSQL Now! 2013 Conference in San Jose August 20-22 to cover Scientel’s Gensonix® Enterprise NoSQL DB and includes speaker presentation and exhibits.

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GENSONIX® NoSQL DB stores, manages, processes, and delivers results for ALL types of Big Data fast, accurately, reliably, and cost-effectively.

Big Data effectiveness relies on the advanced abilities of a “lean, mean” NoSQL DB. GENSONIX® NoSQL DB stores, manages, processes, and delivers results for ALL types of Big Data fast, accurately, reliably, and cost-effectively. Organizational data is exploding exponentially every year. It has been estimated that more than 80% of today’s data is unstructured. Big Data is typically classified as Structured and/or Unstructured data in high Volume, Velocity, Variety and Variability. Due to various limitations, many companies do not collect/process Big Data that is critical for Business Intelligence and thus lose competitive edge—and fall victim to those who do.

Standard business data, and much scientific/raw data, is usually organized/accessed with some type of Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). RDBMSs utilize Structured Query Language (SQL) to access/analyze the data. SQL databases good for the pre-Web-2.0 era cannot deal with the emerging massive Big Data problem, both in being able to accept as well as process it. A NoSQL DB such as the Gensonix® Enterprise DB easily handles BOTH structured AND unstructured data, and can scale out as needed to handle the oncoming Big Data explosion. Corporations and institutions need to address this new phenomenon very effectively to stay competitive in a changing landscape. An “ALL-IN-ONE” type DB such as Gensonix® can very efficiently accept, store, and process ANY kind of Big Data, and is inherently a very cost-effective solution for Big Data processing.

Gensonix® stores structured/unstructured data in Relational, Hierarchical, Network, and Column formats and is ideal for business, scientific, medical, etc., environments, as well as raw data analysis applications. Gensonix® utilizes the NSQL™© language; is native to low level languages such as C; supports many intrinsic functions; and performs easy recursive database/computing operations. Supporting multi-dimensional array processing, Gensonix® is capable of very efficient analysis of vast amounts of structured and unstructured data at ultrahigh speeds. Gensonix® also runs on Large Data Warehouse Appliance configurations and scales to large numbers of multiprocessor nodes.

Brief example case studies to be presented at the conference will show how: (a) Gensonix® is faster and more economical in both development and production environments; (b) Gensonix® can tackle complex problems that are difficult or nearly impossible with certain other types of database solutions; (c) Gensonix® fully processes Trillion-record level large data tables without the use of table joins.

Gensonix® has the following major advantages over other DB solutions:

  •     Processes ANY kind of BIG data—Structured AND Unstructured
  •     Ultrahigh processing speeds
  •     Lower hardware requirements
  •     Faster and simpler development process using NSQL™© language
  •     Inherently higher reliability
  •     Can work in ETL modes with standard DBs or as complete standalone
  •     Low Total Cost of Ownership/overall cost-effective solution

The following are example applications where Gensonix® programmers have developed effective solutions where other methodologies have struggled:

  •     Deep Multi-level implosions/explosions
  •     Fuzzy Search Engines and extended word searches
  •     Extreme Large Data Warehouse applications
  •     Unstructured data management for ALL content types
  •     Heavy transaction environments

About Scientel Information Technology, Inc.

Scientel Information Technology, Inc. is a U.S.-based, international, systems technology company, operational since 1977. Scientel also designs/produces highly-optimized high end servers, which can be bundled with its "GENSONIX® ENTERPRISE" DBMS software, as a single-source supplier of complete systems for Big Data environments. Scientel also customizes hardware and software for specific applications resulting in higher performance.

Scientel's specialty is advanced NoSQL DBMS design and applications/systems integration for advanced business processes. This includes applications for BIG DATA, commercial intranets, Supply Chain management , IT consulting, support, etc., along with “beyond mainframe-level” Large Data Warehouse Appliance hardware/systems.

GENSONIX® allows very user-friendly data manipulation capabilities found in standard, SQL-based, database management systems, but it goes beyond. IT IS TRULY AN "ALL-IN-1 SQL"--an “All Data Management System” in the form of an ultra-flexible, NoSQL DBMS of perfectly general capabilities and application potentials. It can also function in concert with mainline SQL systems to efficiently handle both structured and unstructured data as a large data warehouse repository. However, it can handle heavy database loads by itself with the aid of the GENSONIX® NSQL©™ query/procedural language. GENSONIX® supports both telnet as well as http interfaces.

GENSONIX® is capable of handling TRILLIONS of rows/transactions for BILLIONS of customers, which is a HUGE advantage in “truly Big Data” structured applications.

Business customers can take advantage of Scientel’s capabilities in advanced Business Intelligence and Visual Data Analytics to grow their business by handling Big Data more cost-effectively and with greater insights to remain competitive. Scientific, government, and similar organizations can use these capabilities to efficiently process Big Data, instead of being swamped by it.

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