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MedixSafe Offers Secure Narcotics Storage Solutions That Meet & Exceed New License Requirements For New York ALS Services

MedixSafe M2 Narcotics Locker

MedixSafe M2 Narcotics Locker

Last month Lakeshore Volunteer Ambulance laid off eight employees and is now prohibited from providing Advanced Life Support (ALS).

Memphis, TN: The NY State Emergency Medical Advisory Committee (SEMAC) passed a resolution requiring that ALL advanced life support (Paramedic and/or EMT- Critical Care) EMS agencies must be licensed to possess and administer controlled substance medications. The license must be applied for and granted before May 1, 2015. However, some regions have earlier deadlines for obtaining the license.

Last month Lakeshore Volunteer Ambulance laid off eight employees and is now prohibited from providing Advanced Life Support (ALS). Lakeshore Ambulance, which serves the towns of Wolcott, Butler, Victory, and Huron, missed a June 1 deadline for being licensed to possess and administer narcotics. The local Regional Emergency Medical Advisory Committee (REMAC), which grants permission in the region for ALS, had the June 1, 2014 deadline for obtaining the license.

The SEMAC Resolution States:
The affected ALS EMS agencies, must apply for and be granted the prehospital 03C controlled substance license before May 1, 2015.
If an agency does not obtain the prehospital controlled substance license and have the ability to provide these medications to patients, the Regional Emergency Medical Advisory Committee (REMAC) will remove the EMS agency's authorization at the ALS level.
Any EMS agency seeking to become a new ALS provider, will have to apply for and hold a 03C license in order to be approved by their REMAC at the advanced level.
Required prehospital controlled substance medications include morphine, regionally endorsed benzodiazepines such as diazepam (Valium®), midazolam (Versed®) and other medications and, with Department approval, fentanyl and ketamine.
The Bureaus of EMS and Narcotic Enforcement (BNE) are working together to insure that that the DOH component of the license application and site review process will be timely.

To ensure receipt of the Controlled Substance license by May 1, 2015, the latest the Department can receive a completed application will be March 1, 2015.

Title 10 NYCRR Part 80.136.g.ii - When the access to the patient compartment of an ambulance is not kept locked at all times or any other response vehicle is used, controlled substances must be secured in a locked box within a locked stationary cabinet under a two lock system

MedixSafe offers dual and triple access narcotics storage solutions incorporating proximity card, PIN, and fingerprint scanner. MedixSafe delivers quick access to emergency medicines while maintaining greater accountability. Automated record keeping ensures compliance with new, stricter regulations.

The MedixSafe M1 Narcotics Cabinet is the ambulance trade’s first, simplest dual access security solution. Incorporating both proximity card readers and PIN pads. The M1 is equipped with a stand-alone networkable TCP/IP based controller and can require both an individual PIN and/or Proximity Card to gain access. All PIN and card activity is recorded in the PIN and card reader memory which stores up to 50,000 events and serve up to 30,000 users with multiple facility codes.

The MedixSafe Biometric M2 is the ambulance trade’s most technologically advanced Triple Access Security Solution. The revolutionary M2 is equipped with a stand-alone networkable TCP/IP based controller and is designed to require combinations of fingerprint, PIN and Proximity Card for access. The M2 combines the security and ease of scanning a fingerprint with the power and efficiency of remote network administration – not only enforcing authorized access, but tracing access for unprecedented accountability.

MedixSafe offers narcotics security with nine different narcotics cabinets. For more information contact MedixSafe at 855-MEDIXSAFE or online at

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