Personal Trainer Critiques Obama Workout Video on YouTube and Gives The President a New Routine

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After being dismayed by the Obama workout video on CNN, Master Trainer Mike Whitfield uploads a special video for the President.

Master Trainer Mike Whitfield

Master Trainer Mike Whitfield

My specialty is creating workouts for people who have very little time each week to devote to fitness. If anyone needs to get maximum efficiency out of his workout time, it's President Obama.

Personal trainer Mike Whitfield is a well-known contributor to Men’s Health Magazine and helped thousands of clients realize dramatic change through his Metabolic Finishers programs. But when Whitfield watched with the rest of the country as CNN aired the Obama workout video, he decided to volunteer his services to the President of the United States.

“My specialty is creating workouts for people who have very little time each week to devote to fitness,” says Whitfield, whose own 115-pound fat loss led to his career as a master personal trainer. “If anyone needs to get maximum efficiency out of his workout time, it’s President Obama”

Though President Obama has taken some ribbing around the internet since the release of the video, ridicule is not Whitfield’s objective.

“I use a little humor in the video, to soften the criticism a bit, but I’m actually trying to help President Obama,” says Whitfield. “I had my head in my hands while I was watching his routine. Almost all of what he was doing was completely ineffective and some of it was downright dangerous.”

So what did Whitfield see on the Obama workout video that was so wrong? “First of all, he was using very poor form and performing some of those moves completely incorrectly,” Whitfield explains. “At one point, he was doing what I’m sure was supposed to be some sort of compound lunge, but it wasn’t lunges. It was more like walking funny.”

In the video, Whitfield explains to the President what was wrong with the lunges and then demonstrates a better compound movement. Whitfield also pointed out to the President that he was risking injury to his upper back with a particular dumbbell exercise.

“The way President Obama was working with the dumbbells at one point, he was really courting an injury,” says Whitfield. “In the video, I show him a safer move that’s much more effective without using dumbbells at all.”

Last, Whitfield pleads with the President to get off of the elliptical machine. “The elliptical machine is a waste of time and it lies,” laughs Whitfield. “Studies have shown that people burn about 28% fewer calories during a workout than what the machine says. The President doesn’t look like he needs to lose fat, but even if he’s just trying to improve his heart health, the elliptical is a lousy way to do it.”

So Whitfield goes on to create a four-minute cardio workout that would be far more effective for burning calories and building cardiovascular strength.

“You can get an incredible cardio workout in just a few minutes if you use the right moves and the correct intensity,” Whitfield explains.

Has he heard from the President since the release of the new and improved Obama workout video? “I’ve heard from quite a few people who thanked me for the four-minute cardio routine, but I haven’t heard from the President yet,” he says.

“Obviously, I’d really like it if he watched the video and took my advice. It was delivered in humor, but the advice is spot-on,” he adds. “Of course, if he does, I might make myself a T-shirt that says I trained the President of the United States.”

About Mike Whitfield
Mike Whitfield, a Master Trainer from Atlanta, GA has lost 115 pounds, propelling his passion into the fitness industry. He is a contributor to the Men's Health Big Book of Getting Abs and he has helped thousands of men and women lose fat with his unique metabolic finishers and sense of humor. You can contact Mike and find out more about finishers by going to

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