Oceans Alive 2.0: Review Examining Marine Phytoplankton Supplement Released

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NaturesMagicGift.com releases a review of Oceans Alive, a marine phytoplankton supplement that promises to improve overall health and cognitive function.

Oceans Alive Review

Oceans Alive Review

Marine phytoplankton is truly the Earth’s super­food...

Oceans Alive 2.0 has created a huge amount of buzz recently in health and nutrition circles for its reformulated and improved marine phytoplankton formula. As a result, it has prompted an investigative review from Will DeMarco of NaturesMagicGift.com.

“It has been well known for decades that marine phytoplankton contains a wide range of highly beneficial nutrients,” says DeMarco. “Unfortunately,” he adds, “today’s oceans are so polluted, one can not really be sure that he or she is buying phytoplankton that does not contain toxins and pollutants. In fact, with all the toxins and pollutants in the ocean today there’s a very real chance that phytoplankton supplements harvested from the ocean can be a threat one's health. That’s why when I heard about Oceans Alive and the photo­bioreactor process which recreates the conditions and ingredients necessary for pure marine phytoplankton without any threat from pollutants I was intrigued and wanted to do a review for my readers.”

Marine phytoplankton contains an incredible range of nutrients and minerals, including Omega­3s. Oceans Alive utilizes a “complex photo­bioreactor” which is a completely enclosed growth environment that contains the exact ingredients and conditions necessary to grow just the right strain of marine phytoplankton. In essence it is a method that ensures the user is getting all the benefits of this super­food without the potential for exposure to toxins. Just one drop of Oceans Alive contains 170 billion cells of marine phytoplankton.

“Our review explains that we were highly impressed with Oceans Alive,” says DeMarco. “Marine phytoplankton is truly the Earth’s super­food as it contains an enormous range of rare and powerful biological compounds. And, given the fact that Oceans Alive utilizes a process that eliminates the threat of toxins and pollutants, this product is the obvious choice for anyone looking to experience the benefits of Marine phytoplankton.”

Those wishing to purchase Ocean's Alive 2.0, or for more information, click here.

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