Colarasis, Inc. Offers New Sewage Treatment Process

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The sewage treatment process leaves clear water with large amounts of fixed nitrogen.

Colarasis, Inc. has consistently created innovative technology that allows for more efficient conversion and treatment processes for oil well stimulation and recovery. Once again, the company is introducing a new process. The new sewage treatment process will help supply oxygen for plant and animal life.

The sewage treatment process is a method of Electro-Chemical reaction that completely digests all solids in a matter of hours, leaving clear water with large amounts of fixed nitrogen which is so necessary to supply oxygen for plant and animal life. A chemical which is produced from the lowest grade crude oil, which refineries will not accept, is combined with processed water (Electro-Magnetic water purification unit) that accelerates bacteria growth by the millions and completely digests all solids in a matter of hours.

As the solution becomes acid, only the harmless bacteria live to regenerate. The bacteria actually multiply so fast that when the solids are gone, it then becomes a matter of only the acclimated bacteria surviving, which are harmless, but become a culture material creating formaldehyde, the first known step of organic creation.

The organic gases released in the process supply power for the gas turbines which produce electricity needed to run a sewage treatment plant and additional electricity for urban or rural distribution.

One gallon of chemical used twice a year in a septic tank of 2,000 gallons will keep it clear of solids and keep any seepage from the tank from contaminating surrounding soils or contiguous water. Many septic tanks have been treated with this chemical material, and even though the solids were 95 percent, within 24 hours there only remained clear water containing 15 percent fixed nitrogen.

Colarsis has been in business since 2010. For more information about the business and their new sewage treatment process, visit

About the company:
Colarasis, Inc. has been in business since May 2010. They offer an electro-chemical underground conversion process for primary and secondary hot oil well stimulation and recovery. This new technology involves the enhanced recovery of crude oil. The technology offered by Colarasis controls and highly improves viscosity and flow factors, and the potential for heavy paraffin and asphaltic deposits. Colarasis also has technology for selectro-magnetic water purifier, salt water conversion, sewage treatment, paper mill clarification and contaminate clarification.

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