Florida Attorney Frank M. Eidson Offers New Craft Beer BAC Calculator

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To help prevent drunk driving accidents in Florida and elsewhere, the law firm of Frank M. Eidson, P.A., has created a new online educational tool that can be used to understand a craft brew’s impact on one’s BAC.

Florida attorney's law firm offers new Craft Beer BAC Calculator

Frank M. Eidson

Various kinds of beer can have dramatically different impacts on one’s BAC. A lack of knowledge or understanding of these impacts can lead to negative consequences.

Frank M. Eidson, a personal injury attorney serving Orlando, Winter Park and areas throughout Florida, is now offering an online educational tool that can help craft beer consumers and sellers alike to avoid the tragic results of drinking and driving.

The attorney’s law firm, Frank M. Eidson, P.A., and PromoOnly.com, have teamed up to offer a new, cutting-edge Craft Beer BAC Calculator, which can help users to understand the impact that different types of craft brews have on one’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) – and, in turn, one’s ability to safely operate a vehicle.

“In recent years, thousands of non-traditional beer brands and styles have become available to the American public. Some of these are much more potent than a typical, traditional American-style brew, which for so long had been the standard in the country,” Eidson explains.

Today, according to the attorney, having “a couple of beers” could mean two, 12-ounce, 4% alcohol light lagers or two, 20-ounce, 10.5 % imperial stouts or any number of combinations.

“Various kinds of beer can have dramatically different impacts on one’s BAC. A lack of knowledge or understanding of these impacts can lead to negative consequences,” Eidson says.

“The purpose of our calculator is to help people to avoid those consequences. However, it’s an educational tool only. It should encourage people to drink and serve alcohol responsibly, but it should never be used as the specific basis for decisions. In fact, the responsible decision is to never drive after even one drink.”

The calculator features a catalog of thousands of craft brews. Because factors such as whether you are male or female and your body weight are important factors in how alcohol affects an individual, the calculator asks users for their sex and weight. After a user adds in how many hours he or she has been drinking, the Craft Beer BAC Calculator does the rest.

Not only will it calculate a user’s BAC, it also helps users to understand how alcohol impacts one’s behavior and level of impairment as well.

For example, a woman weighing 125 pounds who consumed three craft beers with 4% alcohol, over a three-hour timeframe, would have a BAC of 0.071, according to the calculator. The woman may experience blunted feelings and loss of inhibition. In terms of impairment level, she could lose reasoning skills, depth perception, peripheral vision and glare recovery.

Now, take the same 125-pound woman and increase her intake by two more of the same brews. Her BAC level would go over the 0.08 legal limit. At this level, the woman could also experience behavioral changes such as emotional swings, anger or sadness. In terms of impairment level, she could experience impaired reflexes and reaction time, loss of gross motor control, staggering and slurred speech.

Now, take the same two scenarios but adjust the craft beer to one with a 10.5% alcohol level. The same woman would now be at a BAC level of 0.184 after consuming three beers and 0.336 after five beers. At 0.336, the consumer would be severally impaired if not passed out. (The only driving that should happen at that point is someone driving the woman to the emergency room.)

“The point is that the same levels of consumption, with varying alcohol contents, can be dangerous if consumers aren’t aware or paying attention,” Eidson says. “We hope our educational tool helps to raise that awareness level and plays a role in preventing drunk driving accidents in Florida and across the country.”

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