Networking Seminar Hosted by Outsource Sydney

Outsourced sales and marketing firm Outsource Sydney host a business networking event in Surry Hills to allow budding entrepreneurs to meet like-minded people.

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Australian sales company
We felt it was important to encourage networking between our suppliers and contractors who will soon have a more direct relationship.

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) April 08, 2014

On Monday 31st March, Outsource Sydney, an outsourced sales and marketing firm, hosted a networking seminar at their Surry Hills office in NSW. The 2-hour seminar (5pm-7pm) was a relatively low-key and informal event with 30 guests, and was arranged with the intention of encouraging business development techniques among fellow small business owners as well as for budding entrepreneurs to engage with like-minded people.

Outsource Sydney are about to expand into Melbourne, which is a big leap forward for the growth of the firm since their establishment in last year. By expanding to Melbourne, Outsource Sydney will benefit from the larger market the state of Victoria has to offer. However, the firm also hope to contribute to the local economy as a growing small business. Managing director Helen Poutikidis at Outsource Sydney says, "As our more experienced management team get ready to make the move to Melbourne to spearhead the Victoria expansion of our business, we felt it was important to encourage networking between our suppliers and contractors who will soon have a more direct relationship."

Networking is a really valuable and beneficial way of sharing knowledge about business development as well as the chance to grow a greater understanding of the industry. By having the opportunity to interact and engage with like-minded people, it enables business owners and entrepreneurs to learn from the success of others, attain new clients and gain advice on how to build a sustainable business. The phrase "it’s not what you know, it’s who you know" is key in business, and networking events provide the chance to form excellent connections and relationships with those who can then open the door to further opportunities. So it’s important to ask the right questions and source the right people at business networking seminars to really get the most out the event. As well as business development, networking is also be beneficial for personal development as regularly networking can help increase confidence, which will ultimately result in growing as a successful business owner and entrepreneur.

Outsource Sydney is an outsourced customer acquisitions firm who specialise in the telecoms, non-profit and security industries. The NSW-based firm who are soon to be launching in Victoria, provide a range of services including direct marketing, lead generation, and competitor analysis and field sales.



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