OverallHealth.org Releases Review of BioTrust Nutrition's Popular Fat Loss Product LeptiBurn

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Leptin is a hormone with such vital importance that it controls every other weight loss hormone in the human body, and the body’s overall ability to burn fat. LeptiBurn is a supplement which boasts leptin as its main ingredient, and OverallHealth.org provides key insights regarding this BioTrust Nutrition product.

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This may very well be due to low leptin levels - summarily, a lack of adequate fat burning hormones in the body.

Leptin is essential for fat loss. For those who reach this conclusion, it would be wise to acquaint with the BioTrust supplement LeptiBurn, whose primary ingredient is the hormone leptin.

BioTrust had a banner year in 2013 with its LeptiBurn supplement, while its value as a fat burner continues to reach a broader audience.

Without proper levels of leptin, a naturally-occurring fat burning hormone, losing even a single pound can be very difficult, if not impossible. There is a certain point in a person’s fat loss journey where improvements come to a screeching halt - the frustrating plateau which often leads to despair and abandonment of goals. This may very well be due to low leptin levels - summarily, a lack of adequate fat burning hormones in the body.

Though leptin is naturally occurring in the body, the body is not geared for fat loss (for reasons to be explained shortly). For this reason, leptin needs to be supplemented.

This is really the key to understanding why leptin is important. The body wants to retain fat, because in times of scarcity it wants to have enough "cushion" to use for energy as means of survival. Yes, survival – think back to the hunting and gathering days, when people couldn’t swing by the local grocery for a slab of steak and a bag of dinner rolls. This bodily disposition has not changed, and in an age when survival is generally not an issue and slim bodies are in vogue, losing fat actually requires that we “trick” the body out of this survival mode.

Explained another way, the body will only produce leptin in times of plenty – when calories are abundant. When a person diets, however, leptin production declines accordingly. When this occurs, the natural production of this primary fat-burning hormone goes dormant. So the great irony, as the reader may have experienced firsthand, is that a plateau is soon reached when caloric intake is reduced! Literally, fat loss is nearly impossible at this point because the body goes into self-preservation mode when the person reduces calories. So, there may be some weight loss by virtue of less water retention, but this is not the same thing as fat loss and certainly not as permanent.

So, quite literally, LeptiBurn will direct the body to access fat and burn it off as a source of energy for the body. Again, this is because it adds leptin back into the mix when the body would ordinarily cease production as means of “survival”.

For more on the product, LeptiBurn, BioTrust has made a video available here.

Here is the OverallHealth.org LeptiBurn review here.

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