OverallHealth.org Releases a Review from Actual User of BioTrust Supplements, a Line of Products for Weight Loss, Fitness, and Overall Health

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From fat burn to muscle building, BioTrust Nutrition offers a panel of supplements proven effective and highly recommended by industry insiders. Only now is the secret getting out to the broader consumer base, as people have begun catching the buzz of weight loss success with BioTrust.

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BioTrust weight loss and fitness nutrition brand had come recommended by a couple of industry insiders, one of whom happens to be a world-class fitness model and weight loss coach.

When Randy Johnson first discovered BioTrust Nutrition products, he wasn’t sure what to expect. The weight loss and fitness nutrition brand had come recommended by a couple of industry insiders, one of whom happens to be a world-class fitness model and weight loss coach (among other things), but nothing was certain without his own actual experience.

In tandem with his "4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution" commitment to completely transition his body from overweight and frumpy to head-turning awesome, Johnson would need supplementation to enhance his efforts. At the age of 37, he refused to believe that his fitness level and physical appearance had peaked in his 20’s, and so the journey began to completely transform his appearance (Johnson has daily workout and nutrition details, plus weekly pictures, on his website at whyamifat.org).

Because his goals included muscle substance in addition to fat loss, there is an array of products that were likely to support his advancements. With BioTrust established as the trusted brand, Johnson got to work investigating specific supplements. He would need, at the least, a protein product, branch chain amino acids, and a fat hormone regulator.

The real plateau buster is BioTrust LeptiBurn. Its primary component is the hormone leptin, which controls every other weight loss hormone in the body. The reason for its supplemental usefulness during certain nutritional cyles is that the body's natural production of leptin decreases as calorie intake decreases. This reduction tells the body to horde fat as a matter of survival – it’s the body's way of coping with "starvation." With LeptiBurn, Johnson continues burning fat first for energy (instead of using carbs first) by keeping the fat burning hormone leptin at high levels. He believes the logic to be very sound, and so far the results have been convincing.

The BioTrust Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) will help preserve lean muscle mass during calorie reduction cycles - this is something that Randy values highly. These supplements will prevent the use of protein (ie, muscle) as fuel during periods of dieting and intense exercise.

As for the protein blend, BioTrust Low Carb, Johnson has done a lot of research leading up to this purchase, and emphatically decries the relative "equivalence" of many products. The way BioTrust product is pure and balanced, excluding harmful additives used by competing protein producers while including the upper echelon of protein components. Johnson asserts that the sourcing nuances should not be underestimated, and wholly trusts the manufacturing purity of the Low Carb product.

Finally, the product that might very well be the greatest “difference maker” is called BioTrust IC-5. The potential significance of this supplement is its control of Insulin. Due to years of consuming a diet full of processed carbs, most people have grown quite insensitive to insulin. This hormone can either be a huge asset to body transformation goals, or a total fat loss and health-derailing nightmare. The fact is that most people suffer from insulin resistance, the result of years of simple-carb overload. IC-5 properly regulates insulin levels, ensuring that carbohydrates are properly transported into the bloodstream to be used as energy (burned off) instead of spilling over into fat storage. This is one of the sneakiest, yet biggest, contributors to fat gain, and most people have no clue.

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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Johnson continues to provide a new picture each week to showcase his progress. He admits to lacking photography skills but relies on the starkness of transformation from week to week to speak for itself, regardless. He uses website whyamifat.org to track daily progress.

About OverallHealth.org: OverallHealth.org is a free-spirited site where author and chief editor Henry Rearden enjoys profiling and reviewing fresh – sometimes trendy - new products to hit the health market. Anything in the periphery of health and well-being is fair game for Henry to pull off the shelf for a look-see! In this case, Rearden has discovered the interesting fat loss journey of Randy Johnson at whyamifat.org, and naturally had to investigate the effectiveness of the BioTrust brand.

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