Owner Financed Homes in Miami Beach Now Provided by Top Florida Real Estate Company

Owner financed homes in Miami Beach are now provided online through the Lucnar Properties website. These homes are part of new housing solutions for individuals this year.

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owner financed homes miami
We're now one of the largest providers of non-realtor homes for sale in the state of Florida and have added new solutions for this year to create more buyer opportunities.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) February 02, 2014

Florida home buyers now have access to new programs that are available in the state to help with purchases of houses this year. The Lucnar Properties company is now providing owner financed homes in Miami Beach to provide a new buying source for buyers who have been turned down through other agencies at http://lucnarproperties.com.

The creation of this owner financing program has improved the qualification process for most individuals seeking a home purchase. The third party qualifying that used to be required to finance a home is now eliminated through this new year program.

The owner financed properties in Miami Beach that are available apply to all homes listed on the company homepage. This is expected to provide equal opportunities to more individuals.

"We're now one of the largest providers of non-realtor homes for sale in the state of Florida and have added new solutions for this year to create more buyer opportunities," one source at the Lucnar Properties said.

The financing programs that are in place are due to new arrangements with homeowners and other sources where homes are acquired. The financing solutions are one phase of the housing support options that have been created for individuals this year.

"Apart from owner financing, we've also included rent to own properties that are now a popular way to own a home without financing costs," the source included.

The LucnarProperties.com website is modified to include the new customer support number offered in the Miami area. This number along with the virtual applications now accepted for housing online is expected to provide faster approvals for interested buyers or renters this year. Additional company services are now in the planning stage set for announcement before the close of the year.

About LucnarProperties.com

The LucnarProperties.com company is one of the leading real estate agencies in the state of Florida providing homes for sale and homes for rent in the Miami area. This company has a staff of housing support specialists who contribute content available on the company website. The LucnarProperties.com company is continuing its trend this year to place more individuals in company-owned housing without the normal financing solutions offered by third parties. All company programs for Florida housing are located on the company website this year.