Paradigm Malibu Expands Services to Include Teen Self Injury Treatment

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Encourages Teens to Seek Help Early to Prevent Later Catastrophes

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A therapist can help people understand the relationship between what they’re feeling and their urge to inflict pain upon themselves as a means to address it.

Hard statistics on the number of teens who cut themselves or self injure are difficult to obtain because so few studies have been conducted on the subject; however, experts estimate one in every 200 teen girls between the ages of 13 and 19 cut themselves on a regular basis. Doctors report the number of reported cases of self abuse among teens is on the rise and that without seeking treatment for these issues, the teen's behavior is most likely to continue well into their adulthood. With these alarming trends in mind, Cole Rucker, spokesperson for Paradigm Malibu, a teen rehabilitation facility, announced the establishment of a teen self injury treatment division of the rehab facility.

Self injury is defined as a psychological impulse and control disorder leading young people to harm themselves through methods such as burns or cuts to relieve themselves from mental or emotional disorders. When teens feel guilt, shame, embarrassment or low self worth, they're apt to inflict pain upon themselves as an expression of the emotional pain they're experiencing. To help counter the rising number of cases, Paradigm Malibu has approached treatment for the disorder through both talk therapy and medication.

Rucker confirms, explaining the benefits of talk therapy, "Because teen self-injury disorder has strong mental and physical attributes, this type of therapy can help address people on both levels of their illness. A therapist can help people understand the relationship between what they’re feeling and their urge to inflict pain upon themselves as a means to address it. And over time, a therapist can help the teen learn a healthier approach to view themselves, the aspects of their emotional pain, while learning safe, effective ways to find relief."

Rucker goes on to explain how, in some cases medical therapy is the better option. "Medication can be a powerful tool to help teens recover from the disorder. For people with the disorder, the link between their severe feelings of unrest are directly tied to their need to hurt themselves, therefore, a medicine that can help provide relief from this internal pain can begin to hopefully reduce the urge to harm themselves."

Research from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism confirms teenagers who suffer one or more episodes of major depression, including episodes of self abuse, are two times as likely as those who aren't depressed to start drinking alcohol. While primarily known as a center addressing drug and substance abuse issues, Paradigm Malibu recognizes teen depression treatment as a preventative therapy to alcoholism and drug abuse.

About Paradigm Malibu:
Paradigm Malibu is dedicated to identifying, understanding, and properly treating the core issues impacting adolescents and their families. Rather than merely containing behaviors, the staff of mental health professionals is committed to assisting young adults by tackling the deeper, more difficult issues impacting their lives. Learn more from Paradigm Malibu at

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